Track Your Bags


OK just one more
Nov 28, 2006
I'm a little bummed out today, because I just sold a bag I didn't really want to let go of. It was my first MBMJ bag, and I couldn't help but reminisce about receiving it (that overwhelming and delicious smell of leather), using it (instant pick-me-up!), and getting my first MBMJ compliment (from a random gay guy in one of my classes, no less :biggrin:).

I know it was the right thing to do in the long run (the bag was simply too big and heavy for my needs and now I have $ and space for a new bag :graucho:), but I really loved the bag. I was surprised how grief-stricken I was when packing it the point where I'm feeling a little better now only because I feel so damn silly at how sad I felt!

This made me think of the other bags that have come and gone both for myself and for others here. It makes me wish we could ID & track our bags, sort of like a but for our MJs. Does anyone else ever "miss" their bag and wonder where they are now? Do their new owners love them? How many hands have they passed through? What if it's become this sad orphan bag that no one really loves? (Bought, sold, bought, resold, on ebay.)


Always on the hunt
May 8, 2008
Whenever I've sold a bag, I made sure I was 100% sure about selling it. If I'm not using a bag or it just doesn't work for me, I think it's better to sell it to someone who can get use out of it rather than have it sitting in a dustbag and gathering dust. Bags are meant to be used, rather than just looked at and kept in a closet. ;) So, I've never regretted selling a bag. I may feel some trepidation at first, but as soon as I ship something out I rarely think about it again. I find it's helpful to move onto a new bag that I know I'll love.


Sep 18, 2008
Aww that's such a sad concept (to have a bag you sold be resold over and over again). I actually have yet to sell a bag, although i think my collection is getting too big and something has to go soon prob (non-MJs :P). That would be kinda cool to see where it's been after selling, but looking at it from the other end.. I wouldn't want to know where a bag has been after buying it hehe.


Bag obsessed
I have sold alot of bags and I only regret selling beloved black stam (I have a black baby stam now). It was just to big and bulky for me at the time, but I immediately regretted it once it was shipped. All my others were easy to let go-not for me. I am finally 99% satisfied with my collection..I will get another stam in the future.