Traceyd's Collection

  1. finally after a lot of trials and help from some kind PF members i have been able to reduce my photos to fit. here is the first batch.
    IMG_0777.jpg IMG_0778.jpg IMG_0779.jpg IMG_0780.jpg IMG_0781.jpg
  2. AWESOME. I love your BBag!
  3. Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing it!
  4. gorgeous love the donna karan and the chloe silverado
    and the aqua roxy is magnificent
  5. a few more
    IMG_0782.jpg IMG_0783.jpg IMG_0785.jpg IMG_0786.jpg
  6. getting it all done in one day
    IMG_0787.jpg IMG_0788.jpg IMG_0789.jpg IMG_0792.jpg IMG_0793.jpg
  7. love the color of your Bbag
  8. You have a very well-rounded collection! Love the color of your green Balenciaga and your salmon colored MJ!
  9. Wow! Great collection!!!!
  10. What color Silverado Tote is that? I have it in chocolate and it is one of my favorite bags! Great collection you have!!
  11. oooh, i love that black prada in the fourth pic :love: may i ask where you got it?
  12. Fantastic collection! I love that green Gucci Boston! Your collection is very colorful and nice. You have wonderful taste in bags!:biggrin:
  13. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing pics. I like the Kelly sitting nonchalantly on the floor:smile: and that swirly Boogie.:love:
  14. Thanks for sharing. Great collection.
  15. You have such a varied collection... very nice!