Trace of Kale bags delivered today!

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  1. Let me just say that I love these bags! The leather and hardware are very substantial, the stitching is perfect and the lining is sooo cute! The electric blue color looks weird in my pic due to the flash but the stock pic is true to life. I added my plum HH coin purse for, well I'm really not sure why I put it there but anyway, Trace of Kale bags are really nice!

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  2. Oooo where is this pic taken at? (1st pic with all the handbags) I like the 1st grayish color over sized one on the left up top. And the large gray one on the hook on the 3rd row down is cute too!!! I've been liking a lot of gray bags lately....And I can't believe I never heard of this designer/brand..
  3. The bag looks really good on you! Funny how the flash makes the electric blue look purple though.
  4. Nice bag! Where do you order from?
  5. Trace of Kale is brand new but their sister line Kale has been around for a few years.
  6. Thanks! The big bag IS purple and the pic is true to life, the clutch is electric blue and appears much lighter in my pic.
  7. Thanks! These were ordered from HauteLook.
  8. i have the bond wallet in purple w/ turquoise details -- you can see one on the table in the group shot that toni posted! i'll post pics later!
  9. Jenn So it's a keeper? Yay!
  10. Those are great, Toni! Congrats!
  11. Toni...that's a dynamite green bag on the table! Is is a Bulga.. and if not, what brand and style is it? Love your collection!!
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    No Cute Thanks!

    Bag Those bags in the first pic are from the not really, not fully released new line "Trace of Kale" from the Kale creators. Fab bags! I "think" the green one is the Lexie.
  13. toni, what was the name of the bag? i felt like that style came in two sizes on the website (or maybe i was wrong)?
  14. Which one? The green one on the table?
  15. nope, the one you bought!