TR444's Collection

  1. Here is my humble collection. Now that I look at it, it needs some color!!:lol: :lol:
    DSCN0258.jpg DSCN0259.jpg
  2. You have a GREAT LV collection!
  3. Hello, fellow LV lover!!! Great LV collection you've got going!!!:love:
  4. You have a fabulous LV collection.
  5. I love your bronze Bedford!
  6. very nice collection!
  7. What a great collection! I love the bronze bedford especially and the cosmetic case, although I don't think I could ever bring myself to put makeup in it. I'd be too afraid that it would get dirty!
  8. Great Collection!
  9. Nice LV Collection!
  10. A BRONZE Papillion... omg im in LOOOOOOOOOVE
  11. Opps! I mean Bedford lol... see that color messes me all up lol I love it!
  12. Lovely LV collection! :smile:
  13. That is a fab LV collection!
  14. i love the cabas piano!!! :love: Or is it the mezzo???:shame:
  15. Thanks everybody!! I hope it grows!!!

    Darelgirl-- Yes, it's the Piano. After I got the Manhattan PM though, I hate to say I never use it.