TR New Outlet Store

  1. Just received this via email
    Pity I am in Australia :crybaby:
    Please update me on prices, stock, etc...
    Maybe someone can help me get some jeans?? :P Thanks....


    Sunday, October 15th

    48400 SEMINOLE DRIVE #E502
    CABAZON, CA 92230
  2. wow, HOT.
    im going
  3. I have been waiting forever for this store to open. Yeah!! :yahoo: Thanks for posting :flowers:
  4. Woah, have no idea where Cabazon is (to Google maps I go :hrmm: ), but that sounds amazing!
  5. that outlet is amazing, there's almost everything there!!

    too bad it's a 7+ hr drive for me.
  6. wowww....
    but still it's about 8 hr drive from SF>.<'

    i'll come by if I visit LA:smile:
  7. i've been waiting for that store to open to, but i don't know if i want to make the drive out there without any details about the stock and anyone going tomorrow? please let me know what it's like, if they're like doing a grand opening special or anything, and for how long!
  8. Yeah....please update us...
    Anyone willing to help me get some jeans and mail to Australia??
  9. I won't be able to go for a couple more weeks unfortunetly :sad: I will update once I do, but if anyone does go before I do, please let us know if it's worth it. Thank you :flowers:
  10. I :heart: Cabazon!!

    I will be going on Wednesday, I'll update you all once I return..

    I hope I find some good stuff!! (And I REALLY REALLY want an off Saks coupon before I go if anyone has one??:yes: )
  11. i called them the day of, and they said they weren't doing any sales/specials for their grand opening. but everything they have in stock is 50% off retail and the joeys start at $120. ehh...not that great of a bargain imho. but would rather hear what someone who went has to say :yes:
  12. wow everything 50% off is pretty good! do they have any new styles/washes?
  13. so, anybody went? share us some news.
  14. Yeah, has anyone gone yet? I'm jealous though .. 50% off TR, what a steal!
  15. Shame on me.. I'm not too familiar with the brand..but saw tons of people carrying their shopping bag at Cabazon (on Saturday, Oct 14) so I went inside the store and checked it out. Like I said.. I don't know the styles names (or its seasons) but most of the jeans I checked out were still around $160.. much more than the ones I saw at Loehman's (around $120.. and > $100 if u have the 20% off coupons)
    Lucky me.. I live in orange county.. so Cabazon is only 80 mins away.. and man!! I love that outlet!!!:wlae:
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