Tpr Speedy's bags

Tpr Speedy

Mar 28, 2006
Mini Mono Anne-Sophie

My Mono Collection:
Front row: Mono Cles, Cerises Cles
Second Row: Pap 26, PTI, Eyeglass Case
Third Row: FC Speedy 30 (my first LV), Keepall 50, Pochette, and Petite Bucket

Epi Collection (my favorite)
Pepper Petite Noe(with Hermes Beaver charm), Green Trocadero, Green Cles, Green 4 Keyholder, Green Checkbook Wallet, Lilac Elastique Cardholder Wallet, Yellow 4 keyholder, Vanilla Agenda PM

Vernis Collection:
Rose Mott, Yellow Spring Street, Blue Thompson Street (with Hermes Twilly)

Damier Collection:
Trousse and Ludlow

Others (all from boardies):
Longchamp Shopper, Kate Spade Boarskin Sam, Banana Republic Kisslock bag

My whole LV collection :smile: