tpm inclusion bracelet vs. azur pouchette


azur pouchette vs. tpm inclusion bracelet

  1. azur pouchette

  2. inclusion bracelet in pomme

  3. ^^ in grey

  4. ^^ in turquoise

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  1. which one should i get? IF i'm getting the inclusion bracelet, which colour? i want either the pomme (but then i'll have too much pomme), or grey, or turquoise?
  2. i would pick the pochette because i think youd get more use out of it. i like the inclusion bracelets but since they don't fit me, my vote goes for the pochette. plus the pochette can be used day and night, casual or fine. with the bracelets you'd sorta have to match with what you wear.
  3. ^ i voted for the pouchette for the same reason, the inclusion jewellery don't fit me (too large). and plus, i just bought myself a mini azur pouchette.
  4. The grey inclusion bracelet is beautiful with the silver inclusions, white crystals and pearls. It's hard to find at the LV stores, so I would recommend buying the grey bracelet.
  5. I voted for the pochette, only because I'd get more use out of it than the bracelet too ... although they are real purty!
  6. another pochette vote here!
  7. I think you should Go for the pochette, because you'll use it for years! I think the bracelets are more trendy!
  8. I'd get the Azur Pochette .... :yes:
  9. ditto
  10. pouchette for sure....
  11. pochette!