Tpfweek Discount From Styledrops!!!

  1. Okay all, we didn't get the 20% discount from Styledrops like I had requested, BUT we did get free shipping for one week! :yahoo: If you read the following e-mail that I received I think you will agree that we did get their attention and they are interested in knowing how strong in number we are.
    So, here is the e-mail:
    Dear Ms. Blechinger,

    my supervisor said me he's sorry but at present can't offer a discount for the purse forum bloggers but he's curious to know how many people is really involved in this kind of forums so he said me to offer you and you blogger friends a free shipping coupon code you can use for 1 week (starting from today until august 31st).

    You just have to type tpfweek in the coupon code field at the checkout and the shipping cost will be automatically cancelled.

    I didn't receive any reply to our offer of the plum bag so I assume we have to refund your paypal account. Can you confirm?
    Thank you.


    Let's show them what a force we are and maybe they will offer us something more substantial and permanent in the way of a discount!!! :dothewave:

    BTW - I've sent this on to Jill as I do not know how to let All tPFers know of this discount created exclusively for us!!! GO tPFers!! :okay:
  2. Oh Yay that is so cool.
  3. That is great that they extended the offer...but for me, it would be cheaper to order from Bergdorfs - free shipping, no tax, and quite a bit cheaper...
  4. oh very cool, too bad I just bought a prada bag today, so i dont think I will be able to use it. But thats great that they responded.
  5. I'll definitely be using them for more than a reference library if they give us a kick*** discount. Not to poo-poo your goodnews, Miu2, but anyone that asks can usually get a free shipping code. I imagine they specifically picked the one they did so they can track how many of us use it.

    Did you sent them a link to the forum? If not, you should do that and make a point to direct them the number of registered users this board has. Now THAT would get some attention! Almost 70,000 purse crazy people? Yeah, that would definitely get their attention. ;)
  6. Aren't they housed outside the US? Do we have to pay customs fees when we order from them if we're in the US?
  7. I compared a few of their bags. Those not-on-sale bags' price are about 8% higher than U.S. price.
  8. No, I have bought several bags from them and there are no custom fees for US residents. :nogood:
  9. I agree about anyone getting a discount and I'm certain that they are using the code to "track" the number of people like you said. That is why I am hoping that any tPFers who buy from them will be aware of, and use the code . Who may lead to a more substantial discount in the future? Or not. Just have to wait and see again! I will send Roberta a link right now also. :tup:
  10. Can you link the site please:smile:
  11. :yahoo:!! Great work miu2! Is it just the US that dont have to pay tax though? :shrugs:
  12. I don't understand, why some Miu Miu Coffer Bags at are more expensive than the retail price? why not buy from other store then?
  13. Take your usual NM or Saks price, add your local sales tax and you've got pretty much what Styledrops will cost. They also sort of have the market cornered when it comes to variety and number of authentic designer bags online, as well as often having hard to find bags in the stores. So I suppose they price accordingly.
  14. Thanks a lot, MIU2!!!!!!! :yahoo::wlae::tup:
  15. awesome :tup: