TPF's smallest "collection"!!!

  1. Wow. Kinda freaking out right now b/c I finally learned how to minimize my pictures. I can post pictures! ME?!:yahoo:

    Anyway - here is my tiiiiiiiny collection. I am hoping soon to add a Chanel bag. For now, these are my toys.

    Yay me!
    Family pix III.JPG Bags.JPG Just Louis.JPG Just Sunnies.JPG
  2. Darling and well focused collection. More isn't always better. Love your taste and selection. maggie
  3. Love the selection too. I just downsized my collection and it is so nice having a smaller collection because everything gets used. Congrats! What tpe of bag is the red one?
  4. Thank you!! ^^ There are two red ones, the larger croc one is the Dooney and Bourke Zip-Zip satchel from the Nile Collection. It was my first baby, and my only Dooney. The smaller one is a Coach that my sis bought me for Christmas, I don't know the name of it.
  5. Cool collection! I love your Versace sunglasses!
  6. ^^ Thank you! They are crazy-comfortable. The most comfy sunnies I've ever had.
  7. oh, how lovely are the azur! ah!
  8. Beautiful collection :heart:
  9. small and perfectly formed i would say
  10. small yet perfect, your bags are fabulous
  11. Thanks everyone for your kind words! Yes - it's small but I consider it the "foundation" of my collection. Def. growing!
  12. not small at all!! thanks for sharing!!
  13. I think it's a great collection. Love those Chanel shades! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Gorgeous bags and good on you for mastering the art of posting pix! (I have not crossed that bridge yet for now I just admire everybody else's photos! :smile: )
  15. Nice collection!