TPF's Opinion PLSSSSS!!!

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  1. Okay here is my story!! I'm debating to get a black 226 reissue or white 226 reissue? Which is popular? Since I have a white E/W Flap and tons of white bags should I get a white reissue? Or should I get a white reissue for now and get the black reissue this winter???? AHHHHHHH....I dont know what to do!! And, I need your Help!! :confused1:
  2. I would definitely get the black reissue especially since you already have a bunch of white bags. I think the black reissue is absolutely gorgeous!
  3. i have a black reissue and i love it! black is the color of all classics hands down! IMO, you can use a black bag for all seasons any time any day ;)
  4. Since you already have alot of white bags and a white Chanel bag, I'd go with the black reissue.:yes:
  5. black! :flowers:
  6. Black as well...
  7. black too
  8. one more vote for black
  9. HAHA I'm sorry but like everyone else already said... BLACK please~~
    Since you already have a bunch of other white bags, you should definitely go for the black reissue. It's a beautiful and elegant bag~
  10. :yes: that's right
  11. black black black :biggrin:
  12. super black!
  13. Black, black and more black.
  14. black! sounds like you have enought wites for spring/ summer
  15. And yet another vote for the lovely black reissue!