TPF's Next "It" Bag??

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  1. What do you think will be the next "it" bag on the tpf? I love reading posts about a new bag/brand and everyone gets into a frenzy about purchasing it (me included!).

    Let's see, right now the buzz is all about Rebecca Minkoff. A month or two ago it was all about Hayden Harnett (spurred by all their sales, I'm sure). I recall Tano being really hot here, also Gustto Baca and a Botkier thrown in as well. Am I missing anything?

    So, what's your prediction?
  2. Oh wait, I forgot about BE but I wonder if this will be "it" since her price point is a bit higher. But of course there is her upcoming sale in January.....

    Also, my latest obsession- Jenny Yuen....
  3. I think it will be RM too. Everyone is going nuts over her bags. I think if everyone loves the bag from the sample sale and Nordie's sale, that will fuel it even more.
  4. I think there was a buzz about RM prior to the sale, but like with most brands, as soon as there is a sale, the buzz magnifies. I just wonder how long the buzz will last on RM? I don't see many posts on Hayden Harnett anymore.
  5. We're all so different, it's hard to predict. I've learned a whole bunch of designer names that I've never heard of before joining tPF!
  6. Yup, it seems to be centered around sales. There was the HH frenzy you mentioned, then a huge buzz over the Botkier Biancas when they were on sale and there was word that they would be discontinued. Right now it's RM because of her sample sale (and Nordie's sale) her great interview with Vlad and Megs.

    HH's rumored Thanksgiving Sale is right around the corner. I expect another HH frenzy if this sale is as good as the last. Who else has a big sale coming up? Is Belen Echandia the next hot item?
  7. rebecca minkoff!!!
  8. what about gryson?
  9. I think RM...
  10. What's "RM" all about. I've never heard of them.
  11. Totally. They are just really well crafted bags in soft lovely leather. :drool:
    I definitely think HH will be back if there is a huge Thanksgiving sale.
  12. I'm still quietly enjoying my HH bags but really have just about everything I want. I would expect increasing tPF activity around sales and the release of spring colors and styles (don't know when that will be).

    Although RM bags don't personally appeal to me, I expect them to continue to be a big "it" bag here as there were a lot of posts even before the sales.

    Belen Echandia bags are currently getting a lot of attention even without sales so I expect a lot of discussion during the next sale. I wonder how much of an "it" bag they can really have given limited quantities and distribution but we'll see what happens.

    I definitely thing Jenny Yuen is going to get bigger. I'm biased because I absolutely love my Gatsby and want to try a Sherlock. The design, quality, leather, colors, and functionality of these bags are just outstanding. If I had to vote for one up and coming designer in this price range JY would be it.
  13. i've seen the s/s minkoff bags already and they are KILLER.

    the matinee is going to be available in this delicious green shade called jade.
  14. I always want a Rebecca Minkoff handbag....but I'm also waiting for another big bang sale from HH. Love both!.....(btw i really like the new RM Dream bag)