tPF's new V-Day design...

  1. Thanks Vlad! It's gorrrrgeous! I was really confused at first, but I love it.:heart:
  2. I friggin' LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!!! Especially the "Shop:" bar at the top! :tup: :tup: :tup:

    Happy early V-Day everyone! :heart:
  3. We are trying to do more themed skins for different times of the year.

    There is a new spring theme coming up, too!
  4. Soooo... everyone is seeing the burgandy/Indian red color too? I thought I hit a button on accident and changed it!
  5. I thought I was seeing things.
  6. Oh I wish it stayed forever! I love red!
  7. Hey, I just started a new thread, too!

    This is SO cool!!!!!
  8. This will be great for Feb!! Love it Vlad!
  9. Hey, since you're a mod, can you combine our's?
  10. i love it, makes me happy
  11. It's soo pretty! Thanks for the update! :yahoo:
  12. i love it!!!! thanks Vlad~
  13. Wooooah~ I just refreshed the page and now everything is pink and red~:nuts: With hearts!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  14. Oh I just commented on this in feedback, Im loving it. So pretty. I thought I hit something one sec it was blue next red!:tup: also loving all the little hearts!
  15. I love it!!!! Thank you VLAD:party: