tPFs new helm - The Office!

  1. Just finished the move to Florida, got a new desk, a new chair and a new screen. Granted, the cheap $300 Ikea desk doesn't really compare to the $900 Hermann Miller Aeron chair, but it does the job. Spending so many hours on my ass every day, the chair was the best investment I could have made. Brilliant fit!


    Oh and that enormous thing in the middle is a 30" Samsung screen. I'll never use a smaller screen again, this thing's awesome. Best invention since... ever!

    This is where the magic happens. Just felt like sharing. :tup:
  2. Pretty sweet Vlad- congrats!
  3. CONGRATS on the MOVE!
    Office looks great!
    Awesome chair!
  4. Herman Miller Aeron chairs are amazing! Good choice! And that monitor makes me :drool::drool:

    Thanks for sharing!! And thanks for cleaning and taking care of the nuts and bolts of tPF!!! :tup:
  5. Great office and working space! Congrats!!!
  6. What kinda computer you using? Linux LOL. Still got the Macbook (AKA17inches)
  7. Nice!
  8. Prolly not the response you were looking for but... I LOVE the wall color and the carpet!!! :nuts::yahoo:
    Very nice office. And congratulations on the move.
  9. Looks great! Love the walls!
  10. LOL, me too!

    Very nice, Vlad! Looks great!
  11. Very nice office, Vlad!
  12. The wall is painted such a pretty green!
  13. vlad - a reveal thread does not exist without modelling pics.... so please... if you would oblige... heh!!
  14. Nice set up you got there:tup:
  15. I totally know what you mean by loving the 30" screen! The bf has a 30" one from Apple, and even I agree it's a great tech investment :p What with the hours we spend watching DVDs, and him gaming on it :tup:

    Enjoy the new office! :heart: