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  1. #1 Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 30, 2010
  2. #2 Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2010
    The guest blogger did a great job and I will check out the Coach Giveaway.
  3. Yay Megs! So cool that she got to blog for Coach! :tup:
  4. I wish there was some other way to enter the contest--I don't use Twitter
  5. Agree 100%, I don't have an account and don't plan to make one just for this.
  6. Ditto!
  7. A made a twitter account just for the Poppy competition and was totally bummed b/c I found out I could have won a $100 after it ended! boo! And I just entered for this one.. but I basically only follow Coach and Sprinkles for free cupcakes!
  8. I have an account but don't use it much I love my FB more. I really would like to have a shot at this contest. I tweeted it....I just think it's a good blog piece and I love when Coach is front and center.
  9. Thanks for posting!! Glad you like the guest blog :smile:

    Sorry for those of you that do not use Twitter or like it - but for many reasons, including legal reasons, it was the easiest way to do the giveaway with them. Hopefully you can still enter if you want! :yahoo:
  10. :drool:

    i might follow your suit on both accounts
  11. Yay! :smile: I love free cupcakes and with Coach shopping added in.. that's what I call a great outing!
  12. I think if I even HEAR the word Twitter even ONE MORE TIME I'm gonna twitter my little butt over to the one that spoke it and SLAP THEM SILLY!!! Why in the world do I need to know what/where Kris Jenner or Daniel Staub are or are doing EVER?! LMAO

    I'm Amanda and I HATE TWITTER!!!!! My hubby had to fight me to even create a Facebook acct that I never USE!!!

    OK, now onto the BLOG! Great job Meg's and it's so nice that she mentioned US! I thought she summed up the new merch pretty darn well.

    TTFN, there's a pint of Ben & Jerry's waiting for ME!