tPF's 1st Birthday!

  1. Hooray, I just noticed that I registered August 4th, 2005... meaning that the forum is one year old. :nuts:

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Woot!
  3. :yahoo: Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday, tPF!!!:wlae: :supacool: :jammin: Can't thank you enough for bringing us all together...huge massive hugs :tender: :flowers: :girlsigh:
  5. Happy Birthday tPF! I'm so glad you were born :heart:3
  6. WHEEEE! Happy birthday to all of us on the tPF! And congrats are in order for Megs and Vlad for making this place a success! :wlae: Oh yeah, hope you do well on your exams, Mr. Purseblog!
  7. :yahoo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY tPF!!!:yahoo:

    3 cheers for Vlad and Megs!!!! woo hoo!!!!​

    :wlae: tPF rocks!!! :wlae:
  8. Happy happy b-day tPF!!! :party::drinks:
  9. :yahoo:Happy Birthday tPF!!!!:yahoo:
    Thanks to Vlad & Megs and all the wonderful MODS that make tPF such an amazing

  10. Happy Birthday PURSE FORUM!!!!!!!!!!

    Much thanks to Vlad and Megs for creating this place!!!!!!

    PURSE FORUM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yay, I love birthdays :biggrin:

    Happy Birthday.
    You may well be to blame for my lack of vacuuming and general dusting over the last few months, but hey, I love ya ;)
  12. You've done an amazing job in one year hat is off to you!
  13. yay for tPF, its just a baby at 1 but it going so strong with all these great members!
  14. Happy birthday to the Purse Forum! :party:
  15. Happy Birthday tPF!!! Here's to many more birthdays to come!