TPF'r in March issue of Lucky Mag!

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  1. Not sure if this was posted elsewhere already....but I just spotted our own karenab in the March Issue of Lucky Mag page 32 bottom left corner in the Style Spotter Community!! Congrats girl!
  2. :useless: hehe... Post a scan if you can... this is cool! Congrats karenab :smile: :smile:
  3. thats so cool, can you post a pic of it?
  4. I would but my scanner is in the process of moving. If someone else has the mag and a scanner maybe they can post it?
  5. for Karenab I might just buy the magazine myself
  6. How'd u know it was her? I have the magazine but it's at home and I wont be back until Saturday!
  7. I adore karenab! that's fantstic! .. I'm going to buy the mag.
  8. Congrats karenab! I love her style! :smile:
  9. This is so cool! I love Karen's Blog!:heart:

    CONGRATS Karenab!!:party:
  10. That's great! I totally skipped over that the first time I read my issue. Here's a scan of the page, she's in the lower left corner

  11. ^^^ There she is. Awesome!!! Thanks for posting and congrats to Karen. Love her auction shots.
  12. I've been following (and LOVE) her blog and recognized her right away.
  13. Thanks for posting the scan NicoleC!
  14. ooh how exciting. congrats karenab!
  15. No prob, I love her blog too!