tPFers with LJs

  1. Wanna be LJ friends? :p I know I've seen people around the shoptokidoki and the tokiholics communities... it'd be fun to all be friends! :tup: My LJ username is houjun ;)
  2. sure thing! i'm shimmer_star on LJ :smile: i don't think my other friends understand my current obsession with cuteness. in fact, i just posted an entry yesterday about it. of course, no one's posted a comment! i'm looking through your interests, and based on your musical tastes, i think you'd like the photo atlas. just wanted to mention them. not to get all OT.
  3. haha people rarely comment on my entries - especially when they're about toki :p They just don't understand!
  4. sure, mines the same as here. I have like no friends and no entries though lol
  5. I've added both of youu!! :biggrin:
  6. im bunnegirl on LJ.
  7. lol. me neither. i have no friends, but my entries are only pics of my bags! i'm ecny26
  8. i feel kinda stupid, but how do u add friends? :shrugs:
  9. You go to someone's profile, and there's a little bar of buttons at the top... and the one that looks like a person, with the plus sign next to it - click it, and then read the directions :biggrin:
  10. I added you! And you, too, ecny~:yahoo:
  11. lol i registered with LJ months ago and never posted anything or visited it again after I registered :sweatdrop:

    my name on there is the same as here ... but chances are pretty high that you'll never see me on there .. lol
  12. mine is cshelle24. i signed up not too long ago and havent posted anything in my journal yet.
  13. I'ma gonna adzz you both :biggrin:
  14. lol dancing nancies :biggrin:
  15. Mine is just JESSAKA lol..