TPFers we are in troooooooooouble!!!

Dubai LV

Jul 29, 2008
After picking up my new Mono Zippy Organizer yesterday my SA informed me that approximately the first week of May the new MC line is coming out in the SLG. :party:
As if it's not bad enough the insolite and sarah MC's are coming out with the pastel interiors. She also informed me that the new wallet JOEY is also coming out in MC with the pastel interiors as well as the new key and change holder, the bigger one.
I am in troooooooouble:police:...I was hoping on going on a ban after April:ban:, but I think it may be postponed to June.
Is anyone else thinking of getting anything from the new MC SLG line?
Or am I the only obsessed one over the pastel interior idea.


Oskar Waltz
May 8, 2007
OHHH I am so excited!!!!!

I have been obsessed with the MC forever but always hated that on the SLGs the inside was so BORING! I mean come on, just like the MC bags you pay a premium and get that plain old beige interior.

Are they comming out with a zippy wallet? My BF is going to kill me if I get rid of my current one and trade it for one with a pretty inside LOL.
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Haters suck
Aug 31, 2008
I know! I'd already put my name on the list for the Sarah in Pink and Blue interior and the ZCP in Pink and Blue interior. I have to see it IRL to decide which one to get. I'm thinking I'll get the Sarah with the Pink Interior and my daughter wants the ZCP in Blue interior. She's only 11 and already into LV stuff.