TPFer's pictures in this Yahoo Auction???

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  1. :confused1:

    Hi everyone...

    Actually I logged off to check my mails on yahoo and I accidentally came across the above auction on Yahoo...Are those TPFers pictures? Thought I have seen some of those like Sweetneets etc...I think this lady is selling the real stuff but those pictures are way too familiar...thought you may recognise your pictures!!!

    Hope I don't get killed for posting this!!!
  2. Almost fell out of my chair when I saw the bidding at 100,000... until I realized that it is SGD. :Push:
  3. Those pictures are definitely stolen, in her "bags are addictive" picture she's combined many of the poster's pictures into one collage. I recognise the CB and vernis items along with the mirage greit and I'm certain they're from different posters.
  4. Uh oh, you're right...that one pic is Sweetneet's and the Suhali one is yeuxhonnetes' I belive...
  5. This same person has done this before!
  6. I wonder if they are a member of this forum? It's obvious that at the very least they are a lurker. But, I always wonder if people like that are also register and post on here.
  7. that's awful~ can you imagine all those fake purse sellers on ebay (or whatever) that come here just to get insight from us??? and pictures too!
    sort of ruins it for us :shrugs:
  8. ^Yup, that's why in the authentication thread, we don't give out *too* much info about how to tell that certain items are fake. We don't want to give hints to the lurkers who want to make better fakes. I know it makes some people angry that we don't tell them exactly what's wrong but those shady lurkers are the reason we can't.
  9. I pretty sure pic at the bottom of Vernis collection is tPFer's :cursing:

    GOD, that woman has some lists. I can't imagine how many ppl she has scammed!
  10. I find this funny.

    "I won't be in Singapore hence I do not want anyone to handle so many bags for me esp those bags with vachetta can get dirty easily. I am entrusting the 2 damier bags(ribera mini and marais) to my sister to help in posting out to potential buyers since damier is less likely to age or get dirty without much supervision. Buyers may choose to view at cassia view (guillemard road). Will sell the rest of the bags when I am back!"

    Why would anyone be handling her bags put them in a freakin closet and shut the door?

    So she took all her bags with vachetta with her and left the damier with her sister...

    And it says you can come by and look at them...?
  11. ive seen this before...
  12. Wow this is horrible. I would be sooo mad if they took my pictures. Sorry for the gals that their pictures were stolen.
  13. lol this person..AGAIN
  14. omg:wtf:
    is there anything that can be done??!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.