tpfers in Spain or Italy please help

  1. Does anybody know if any LV's in Spain (Barcelona ideally) or Italy (any store) have any perfo cles left. I am looking for fuschia first then orange.

  2. are you going to italy, spain?
  3. Sadly no :crybaby:

    I have a friend you moved to Barcelona recently so she could pick that one up for me.

    And I also have someone in Italy who could pick that one up, I have a pretty good SA in Sciliy that I'm hoping if they have it anywhere in Italy she'll be able to get it sent to her store
  4. Tomorrow i'll call the italian customer service, then i'll let you know:yes:
  5. If you can get it there then take the opportunity, I have asked a girlfriend in france and it's sold out even in monaco.

  6. Thank You so much

  7. I know it's crazy, the bad part is I could have got it a number of times but I thought it's cute but I don't love it. As soon as it's discountinued I decide actually I do love it & I must have it :lol:
  8. Same here, and I see so many fake on ebay that are actually good fakes. So im scared to buy on ebay.
  9. I just called the customer service..there is no pochette left:sad:
  10. ooh no:crybaby: , thank you for trying

    Looks like it's going to be ebay
  11. They still have some bags (Demi Lune etc..) but they sold all the accessories :sad:
  12. Well I saw a fuschia one in Florence last month.