Tpfers from Orange County and the fires.

  1. My prayers for the tpfers from Orange County that are going through the horrific fires.....please let us know you are okay!!
  2. I hope none of our fellow tPFers is threatened y this fire!<crossing my fingers>
  3. I live about 15 miles away so thankfully, we weren't in any danger. My brother, who lives right across the freeway, said he could see the flames shooting up yesterday.
  4. :sad: I used to be an OC is so beautiful there and I hope everyone's homes are safe!!
  5. ^I hope everyone is safe and no one was affected by the fires in a major way.
  6. Hope that everybody is safe! I lived in California for 7 years (in the Mojave Desert) but was never close to any of the fires.
  7. those fires made our city pretty heated yesterday!