TPFers Corrupted Me

  1. Hi folks I have lurked on the Fendi forum for a bit. Was a diehard LV girl, but am a little bored with it (temporarily), and have been looking for other bags to love. When I first saw the Spy, I thought, what is all the hype about? Didn't do anything for me.

    I even bought one and returned it, not liking it.

    Welll,,, I now have a Black (Nappa?) one, and a Cognac and Chocolate are on the way.

    What the he## is happening to me?:amuse:

    (You should see my corresponding post in the Balenciaga forum, I've jumped to the Dark Side there as well!)
  2. haha! dont worry! i LOVE LV dont get me wrong, but im really really really into fendi - its just hard for me to afford it sometimes. ooo balenciaga is so cool i love it!
  3. Welcome to the dark side! It really is a nice place to be, but there always is at least one more thing to buy :smile:
  4. mwahahaha! I love the LV epi leather Lv multi color, but I love the fendi zucchino on small bag and zucca on large bags go figure ? I absolutely love gucci forever but have an affair with prada their lower cost bags with the everyday nylon and unique style is intriging! of course when it comes to leather I'm a total Kooba lover my latest obsession!!! The kooba paige and ginger came out and I was melting like buttah or my bags felt like butter...either way I was sold!
    I love so many bags its sick:nogood: I'm an undecided bag whore I have a little of it all
  5. hehehehe...yeah I love my LVs but got a wee bit saturated (shh don't tell); my two zucca fendis are my little darlings and I'm eyeing a baby Spy!!
  6. --I know what you mean by saturated; I love my LV, but am feeling very satisfied, don't feel the urge for any more for the forseeable future.

    Plus, it doesn't hurt so bad (ouch!) to pay for a LEATHER bag, the same or often less $$ than coated canvas!
  7. TPF is the :devil: . I'm convinced of it.

  8. so, i see the denim spy is on your wishlist. has it for more than half off retail...

    hahahah we are sucking you in fast!

  9. So true! lol! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Yup. I drank the F Koolaid...and I couldn't be happier :graucho:.
  11. Yay, another Balenciaga/Fendi Switch-hitter!:yahoo:

    There are many of us out there. You're not alone;)
  12. :nuts:
  13. It's still half off? I thought that sale would be long gone by now. :wtf: Let me head over there right now. :drool:
  14. welcome to the dark side