tPFers are a bad influence....but on the other hand, mirage speedy on the way!!!

  1. In the past, I haven't really liked the speedy bags because I don't like the sagginess on the bottom. I have only owned one speedy (Cerises) because of this. However, after reading about all the mirage bags and how everyone thinks their gorgeous, I decided to rethink this whole speedy thing.

    I didn't put my name down on any waitlist so I thought my chances are pretty slim of getting one immediately. I then thought maybe the shape/size of the Mirage Musette would be more to my liking. And I thought maybe the Bordeaux would be better for me.

    So, I called up Customer Service today and they tracked down a Bordeaux Mirage Musette in Florida (Miami, I think). I was ready to do my phone charge send order when the SA tells me they actually have a Noir Musette. Then she proceeds to tell me that the bag is actually a lot bigger than I am thinking it is. Oh, and that they do have a bordeaux Speedy available if I want that instead. So I tell her my reasons for not liking the speedy, and she says it doesn't seem as big as a normal Speedy 30 (maybe because of the color).

    Anyways, to make a long story short, I decided to get the Bordeaux Speedy and now am really excited.

    For those Mirage Speedy owners out there, does the bag sag as much as it did before? The SA told me that because of the alcantara lining, it doesn't sag as much. I hope this is true. Is it true that the Mirage Speedy doesn't seem as big as the normal Speedy 30?

    TIA for your help, as always.
  2. Oh you are going to be very pleasantly surprised because the mirage speedy doesn't sag at all. It is very structured. It's drop dead gorgeous too - I don't think you'll be disappointed whatsoever.
  3. It's a well constructed bag, not much sag due to the patent leather piping that adds more support and structure than regular old vachetta....and no more dirty grungy handles !!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. the bag does not sag because of the combination of patent leather piping and the alcantra lining. the bag is beautiful, and the SA was right, it does not seem as large as a 30 (even though that is what it is) because the detailing on the handles take up more room on the canvas then the regular speedy does, and probably because of the color effect. congrats! post pics when you get her! :smile:
  5. Congrats!!! It does seem smaller than a 30, but maybe because it doesn't have the sag factor that makes the 30 look big.
  6. Thanks. I'm really excited. Now I think I want something in Noir too. Have to decide if want another speedy or maybe the Musette. I should probably wait until I get the bordeaux to make sure I even like it.
  7. so glad you bought it
  8. Congrats! I'm sure you will love it. The Bordeaux was the only color I saw IRL and it was gorgeous!
  9. You will definitely fall in love with your bordeaux Speedy!! I love mine! I definitely wasn't into Speedies at all because of the sag factor, but this fabulous Speedy does not sag at all! A major winning point for me!

  10. Thanks. I'm really excited about getting it. I wanted to make sure I had both options available to me before making a final decision, so I just ordered the Noir too. I think I need to see both colors IRL. Now I'm hoping I don't fall in :heart: with both colors!

    I've read a lot of posts that this Speedy doesn't sag. When I was ordering the Noir Speedy today, the SA on the phone told me that he thought it would sag just as much as the others. I trust fellow tPFR's more than sometimes clueless SA's.
  11. I know what you mean. I love my bordeaux Speedy and now I've been thinking I may want the Noir, too. Dang!
  12. I think the Noir would be great as an everyday bag. Black is such a classic color.
  13. For those of you with the Noir speedy, do the handles show fingerprints really easily?
  14. The Mirage doesn't sag at ALL compared to the normal MC speedy. The lining is gorgous, but I think for some reason I just love the handles the most~ You won't be dissappointed~!
  15. I thought it looked smaller too so the sa and I put them side to side and they are the same size. Maybe it is the coloured piping?