tpfers...any luck with price adjustment???

  1. Hello guys!!!

    Just wondering if you guys have any luck with price adjustment??? I just placed an order last night and now I see that most of what I ordered had already been reduced. I phoned in hopefully I can get a PA but they said they dont give PA to prior purchased. Isn't that SUX??? :tdown: So am just wondering if you guys have any luck with your PA. If so, please inform on how you did it. TIA. UGGS boots last night was 79 now is $59 :wtf: and my gucci clutch is now 312 :yucky:
  2. Saks usually does not PA after the item has already been marked down once... in other words, they don't PA 2nd markdowns. If your size is still available on the website, can you just order another one and return the previous purchase when you get it?
  3. I have the same problem! I placed an order last night for the Ugg boots for $79 and actually the order didn't go through because something was wrong with my card. I got an email saying they would hold my order for 48 hours for me to call and give them another card number. I wasn't thinking and called earlier today! Now I'm wondering if I had waited to call until tomorrow they might have given me the lower price ($59). I told the lady on the phone my story, but they still wouldn't do a PA for me :sad:
  4. Hey! Long time no talk. I bought the same Gucci clutch last night for $445 or so including taxes and saw right at midnight it went to $312 excluding tax. My order was processed, but didn't ship yet. So, I called customer service up since Live Chat was useless and she really wanted to give me the PA b/c I explained to her that I would just go ahead and place a new order then, and return the other one that hasn't even shipped yet. She understood that it was a hassle and waste of time so she asked her supervisor and he said NO. So, I bought the clutch again at the reduced price and she put in a request to have the first order cancel and not ship out, but there were no guarantees. So, I would just reorder it and then return the other one. It's a pain, but it's a big savings so oh well. The only reason why I wasn't super irritated is b/c I have to go to NM next week to return something so a trip to Saks won't be out of the way.
  5. I had no problem what so ever.
    I placed an order around 10pm for a Dior slouch boots that were around 360 then around midnight they were 240. I did live chat and the lady told me to expect the adjustment to show up on my CC in 3-5 days.
  6. :yes: You got lucky, good for you! I just tried and got denied. Oh well :okay:
  7. ^ Never mind, hooray-- I called once (rejected), then did an online chat (rejected), then tried again online and the SA happily adjusted the prices for my 4 items. Saved $$$. Although I would've saved more if I hadn't purchased them in the first place...
  8. That doesn't make sense that they wouldn't adjust. People will just buy the item again and send back the higher priced one. That's a hassle for them and the buyer.
  9. Yes, be persistent. I recall placing an order over the sumer and less than 24 hours later the item had been reduced. I emailed CS and they said no because it was out of stock. I responded back pleading that it was less than 24 hours since the order was placed and they said ok. Don't give up and always mention you have been a loyal customer for many years and would very much appreciate the request be honored, etc.
  10. I got the price adj for my UGGs I ordered yesterday earlier by phoning, but they're sold out so the new price no longer shows. They did say they don't normally give them, which I find odd when it's the very next day.
  11. i just tried for an item i ordered yesterday and was rejected!
  12. ^ oh no! try again, i went through 3 different SA's...
  13. I ordered my item online. Did you go through Live Chat online or did you call the 1-800 Saks #? Or did you do it via the store? I ordered less than 24 hours ago! :crybaby:
  14. I placed 2 online orders last night at 7:00 pm.

    I first called for the price adjustment, then tried live chat (the SA said no and basically cut and pasted policy). I thought I'd try again after reading Stina's success story.

    Funny thing, I got the same person again on my 2nd live chat, so I quickly signed off and went back on after a couple minutes. :smile:

    I told her that the prices didn't match what's shown now, and would she please adjust them? I sat on the edge of my seat for several minutes waiting for her to "check on something".

    I never acknowledged knowing the price adjustment policy the 3rd time around--maybe that's a strategy you can try?
  15. I tried more than 3x and was rejected