TPF'ers and eBay

  1. hi all,
    just wondering if tPF people when selling something identifyies themselves as such? In regard to making the buyer more comfortable about buying from another PF member, just wondering
  2. I've always wondered this myself, although I don't know if it's considered a no-no by forum rules, given the Marketplaza's purpose.

    Still, if I could find out, I too would rather buy from a fellow PF-er :yes:
  3. I've seen eBay auctions where the seller states they are a member of tPF :yes:
  4. ^^ Yea, me too! :yes:
  5. I didn't put it in my auctions because I didn't know if it is allowed, but I'm selling a couple of things right now :graucho:
  6. people can say it in their auctions {obviously} but no one is permitted to psot their eBay ID here.
  7. Well - there's the definitive answer I was looking for :yes:
  8. I always feel better buying from a member of the PF on ebay. I think its worth listing in your auction.
  9. I think for selling purposes, it's good but I honestly wouldn't want anyone else to know my ebay name. It would make it hard to bid on things because I'd feel bad outbidding another tpfer (not that I ever do lol).
  10. Sounds like someone's speaking from experience! j/k babe!

    I guess have one account for selling, and another for buying? :confused1:

    Might just work :yes:
  11. I have posting ids and selling ids.
  12. this has been discussed a lot, but the thing is, ANYONE can put in their auction that they're a tPF Member, doesn't mean much since we're a public board.
    They could be listing counterfeits and they can say "Proud Member of the Purse Forum!" KWIM?
  13. Good point - but if it were fo' realz, they had better put their PFID. :yes:
  14. I won't put my PF ID on ebay in the public listing. If someone asks me or I ask someone what their id name is then I'm willing to provide to them and hopefully they will provide it to me. I check out people on the PF if I'm potentially selling to them.
  15. So is there any way that we can identify ourselves as authentic eBay seller at all ? because I remember seeing some eBay sellers have that "money returned gurantee logo from authenticating site" but still selling fake stuff