Tpfer Mia

  1. Has anyone heard from Cherry pie lately?
    She was planning the TPF meet with Socialite but didn't show on the day we've sent PM's both before the day and after but haven't heard back

    Just want to know if she's ok it's unusual for her not to have posted in a while

    Please check in CP let us know your OK
  2. Any news?
  3. nope nothing just hope she's ok her last post was Nov 15th
  4. hope she is okay! :s
  5. Has she ever not posted for more than a week? Maybe something urgent came up. Hope she's ok!
  6. I noticed her missing too! I hope she's alright :sad:

  7. Only when on holiday but she was due to meet a few of us on the 23rd so she can't be on holiday
  8. I hope she's doing okay!!
  9. Do any of you have her email?
  10. or could you PM her? Most people get that notification in their e-mailbox.
  11. she was on last on 11-20 BTW.
  12. I think Steve (socialite) spoke to her via PM or Email after her last post but a few days before the meet but hasn't any further Pm's or emails

    I sent a PM on the 23rd but haven't had any reply
  13. im back people!
    my great grandmother died suddenly and i had to go away for the funeral.
    its so sweet that you took time out to look for me claire.
    im back now and promise to stay in touch
  14. ^ sorry to hear that :sad:

    It's good to have you back! :flowers:
  15. :sad: I am sorry for your loss. Hugs