TPFer (me) wants to sell one bag. Realistic?

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  1. So with the promotions that Neiman's and Bloomingdale's recently had, I purchased three expensive designer bags via charge-sends. One I am keeping, one my mom is buying from me, and I am up in the air on the third. I don't live close to either store, so I was thinking of putting it up on ebay.

    If I decided to sell it, do you guys think I am going to have a problem on ebay? It is obviously brand new, purchased with a $200 discount. I would love to break even, or even make a small profit, but is this even possible? I only have two feedbacks (100% positive) as a buyer. Are people going to take me seriously? Any tips or suggestions?

    I'm not sure if I am allowed to discuss particulars of the bag..but if it would help to know what kind, and if it is allowed to be discussed on the forum, let me know...
  2. Tough call. That is really low feedback. You might not get the traffic or interest that you are after.

    It sucks, but I'm being realistic! Once I tried to sell a few things for my mom on her SN. She only had 8 FB, and it was obvious that people were passing up the auction for that reason.

    Just do your best with your wording and photos, to instill maximum confidence in your buyers. I would also recommend to use a BIN (or best offer), that way you have control over what profit you make, and you won't have to worry about your auction ending lower than what you want.

    You can discuss particulars, as long as you aren't trying to sell your bag here on tPF. I'm happy to help you in whatever way I can. :flowers:
  3. Maybe you should try to build up your feedback a bit before attempting to sell it, just buy a few small, inexpensive things..
  4. The bag would be the Kooba Jacinda in black patent... So I would at least want to recoup my $395 and then tax and shipping I paid on it... The bag retails for $595.
  5. There is a listing for the same bag, I think? Is this it: Item number: 300211106099 - you should watch that one and see how well it does. Because for what you have invested in your bag you would need to resell for at least $465 - that is the approximate minimum to list for in order to break even be able to pay your original cost of $395, taxes (assuming 6%), orginal ship (say assuming $10), plus all the ebay fees and paypal fees. And then add to that the shipping charge to your bidder (maybe $15-$20? depends on size, weight, destination +signature confirmation and some insurance). So watch how the other one does and maybe that will help you decide.

    Can you return it or is this one of those deals where you lose discounts when you return?
  6. It can be done.... you can always try it out. I only had 17 feedback when I sold my first bag on Ebay. But 2 is really, really low.

    Why not buy a few little things to try to boost your FB? One helpful thing to buy would be a digital scale. You can get one for about twenty bucks including shipping. Those scales are obviously good for calculating postage, but they are also just really handy to have around the house.

    Also, make sure you put up a really good ad, with lots of pics and a great description. I recommend using a site like Auctiva because it just makes your listing look so much more professional. (and it's free)
  7. Thanks for all the help and suggestions!?! So much to consider which I haven't heven thought about.

    mmpurses- That is the exact bag. I will certainly be watching it and see how much it goes for. Thanks for doing those calculations for me! I'm not sure about the return policy... I kind of made an impulse purchase (haha, I did make an impulse purchase) and I drove the SA nuts, so I would feel really bad for returning... I still may keep it though.

    lucide- how do you use auctiva? do you go there first, or can you access it through ebay?

    I had an old old ebay ID back in college that I don't even remember what it was, and the associated email address doesn't even exist anymore (college email)... do any of you know if ebay can find it and reactivate it???
  8. To be honest I'd think about returning it, you'll only lose out your shipping fee if that. Ebay and paypal take a big chunk of the fees otherwise. Try a BIN with best offer auction. If you're going to sell, I'd do it soon as if it doesn't sell you can always return it within the 30-60 day period. I don't know how much interest you'll get in a Kooba on ebay (it's not really one of the big big names) but you never know. Good luck!
  9. If you can return it, that's what I'd do. Why go through the hassle of FV fees,listing, paypal etc and then still try to make the money you need out of it? Besides your FB is so low that most won't take the chance and over look your auction. Good luck! :smile:

    That will tell you your fees. If you are going to sell it, I would add it up by working backwards... Guess at selling for $520 which would be very optimisitic. That means it is going to cost $40 in fees.

    You may just want to return the bag.

    Look to see what that bag is ending at on ebay.
  11. I did an advanced search of completed items for "Kooba Jacinda" and came up with a wide spread of closing amounts. PM me if you don't know how to do this, and I can walk you through it.

    In reality, you might be better off to return it, as others have said. OR if you wish to pursue a listing - set it at BIN $500 and accept offers.
  12. I don't suppose you know anyone with a more established ebay account that could list it for you? I think unfortunately with such low feedback you are going to lose a chunk of change on that purse if you try selling it. You may be better off just returning it.
  13. I wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone that has answered my questions!!! In a strange turn of events, the bag that I was really dead set on keeping was sent to me today defective (for the 2nd time). So, I am going to end up keeping the Jacinda. It is even more beautiful in person! I found out that I can return the bag without penalty due to the promotion that I got it under! :woohoo:

    However, I've been pondering the whole ebay thing for a while... and never really knew as much about it as you have all said. It sounds like I might be better off waiting until I get my post count up and applying for the marketplace!!
  14. I'm glad you got it all sorted out! Now, to answer your earlier question (just in case you ever need to know, or if anyone reading this thread wants to know)

    Just go to and sign up. The pros for Auctiva are that it's free, it provides templates, it provides image hosting, and it makes your listings look more professional. However, the big con is that the navigation of the site is fairly complicated imo.

    The site is completely separate from Ebay, but it does synch up with your existing Ebay account. You create the listing for your item on Auctiva, not Ebay. When you create the listing, like I said, the navigation is complicated, and there are a gazillion options and check-boxes for you to consider. So read everything carefully. You can keep tweaking your listing until you get it just the way you like it.

    Then you schedule the listing to start on Auctiva... when the listing starts, your item will post to Ebay.
  15. Yay ur dilemma is over
    answering ur question; I would buy from you if u had lots of good pics in your auctions n answered questions promptly- i've bought from sellers who had 100% positive feedback of selling so many items n were still jerks