tPf'er in need!

  1. Hi! I know there are some crafty folks here on tPF. So, my niece got a new car for Christmas:nuts:. Her birthday is coming up in January, and I wanted to make her an "iced out" license plate frame. Does anyone know where I can find the cheapest Swarovski flat back crystals? Also, does anyone know the best glue to use for gluing them on a metal license plate frame? Thanks in advance!!:wlae:
  2. I don't know about the crystals, but what about a marine grade glue- as my dad who has boats would put it- one that withstand water. I don't know names, but Home Depot, Lowe's, should have all kind of glues that tell you what they are best for. I think I've used one called Gorilla Glue before that has worked great, but I am not sure if it is water safe. You could also put a clear layer of lacquer/varnish/sealant over top to protect the crystals once the glue has dried.
  3. I'm not the craftiest person but I've seen kiosks at the mall that will "ice out" (I didn't even know that was the term!) your cell phone, maybe you can take them the frame and they can do that for you?
  4. ^ That's actually a great idea.

    I've ordered them from, but to do a whole frame in swarovski would be crazy expensive. If you really want to do it yourself, I would recommend getting cheapo crystals from a craft store and epoxy them on. Just be sure you plan ahead of time where you want them to go and use tweezers to place them. Epoxy is insanely strong-- it can set underwater...
  5. My friends and I always order swarovski crystals from I find that they have the best prices and selection too (tons of colors and sizes). They also sell various glues...I'd recommend the one called Gem-Tac with the green packaging. It says it's for fabric, but I've used it on cell phones, keys, ipods, etc. with no problems at all! I've also tried the E600 glue meant for metal, but I didn't like how it was so sticky and thick...made it really hard to glue each individual crystal on. Hope that helps!!
  6. AC Moore is a great place to get that kind of stuff... Every week they have a coupon for 40% off one item and I think on Jan 2nd they're having a big sale.
  7. Thanks for the great suggestions.
    I really want to do it myself, I feel like the sites that do it for you are pretty outrageous in price.
    elle: Im going to order from the site you mentioned, those prices are GREAT!

    Again, thanks so much to everyone! tPF members always have the best suggestions:tup:
  8. Elle: What size would you suggest for the license plate? I was thinking 9??
  9. Well this is intersting - I am swarovski trained (work at jewellers throughout university and endured many professional development days) and I can tell you that 90%, if not more, of the places claiming they sell loose swarovski crystals are liars!! Go and look in a sw cabinet at a jewellery store and see how $$$$$$$$ they are!!! Even for a tiny handful. Saying that, you can get pleanty of beautiful crystal or even cut glass for the fraction of the price. If the stones are quite small... you would now really know the difference anyway. But if you want genuine - contact them personally for a stockist... loads and loads and loads of scammers...
    Sounds beautiful....!! Would love to see how it turns out, that is very creative Queen.
  10. I think 9 or 12 would be fine, it really depends on how much work you want to put into it. Obviously, the smaller they are...the more strain it will be on your eyes. My friend was crazy and decided to use size 5 on her Nintendo DS and she gave up not even halfway through! They are sooo small, I would not recommend that size for anything :lol: I used 12 on mine and really liked how it turned out (if I can find the pics, I'll post them!).