TPFer Chanel photos were stolen by a Chinese online store from Tao Bao

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  1. Hello all!

    I am furious to find out that there is an online reseller from a Chinese Shopping site Tao Bao stole all our Chanel photos on TPF to advertise their products without asking for permission or acknowleding the source.
    I think it is okay if people are using our photos for reference, but not for selling! I am not even sure are they selling authentic bags.

    But I am sure the owner of the store visits TPF everyday in order to get all our recent photos!

    To Tao Bao LOGOBAG owner:

    I am not sure is there anything we can do to report this matter to Tao Bao or do they care…

    I am going to send a warning email to this seller!

    I would suggest everyone should start to watermark all your photos with big & clear fonts!
  2. OMG!!! You are so right!

    lipgloss, I spotted your photos are picked-pocketed!!!!
  3. I saw that too... :tdown:
    And I thought that's their photos..
  4. I've had my photos stolen on another website too.....horrible!
  5. :wtf: Mine too?:shocked:


    I had spotted several of Miacillan's pictures were stolen and "watermarked" by the thief *rolls eyes* and informed Mia. Didn't expect mine to be stolen too, as I usually watermark in pink right across the middle of the picture, instead of a tiny one at the bottom corner as that can be truncated.

    Gaga, thanks for the heads up. I have sent you email.
  6. I found my bag "listing" there *rolls eyes*, and I see 2 of NYCavalier's bags there too :Push:.
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    Last edited: Sep 19, 2010
  8. I was just looking through & I saw yours too lipgloss! I can't believe that! They cannot do that, pictures are copyrighted right when they are taken (well, that's what I learned when I used to work at a photo center). I'm going to make an even bigger effort now to watermark mine.
  9. Off topic but Chanel_Luv if your browser has the option, it could translate it for you. (I use google chrome and it asked me right when I got to the website).
  10. #10 Sep 19, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2010
    can u report him? I'm just furious that he uses my recent family pic as if it's his or hers. He actually watermark it

    I still can't believe he stole the pic that I just put in couple days ago. He must be active reading this.

    I think we should all report him

    Look if you read this, Logobag. I will report you. You shouldn't takemy family pic and treat it as if it's yours. It's not right
  11. I would be angry too! I just have no idea how to report this person, I tried to message a warning, but it wouldn't let me unless I register. I tried looking for a way to contact tao bao, but they only list phone numbers; no e-mail or help center. :sad:
  12. Any Tpfers who live in China that can call on behalf of all of us? The more ppl call, I think he'll be in trouble or force to take down the pic
  13. I recognize several photos from Penney (Hirsh) and Damian Oto ( Saks). I hate that we go through the trouble of taking these photos and posting them as reference and these people use them for their commercial purposes...:mad: It's soo wrong. At least Penney and Damian took their own photos for the rest of us and not steal them from someone else.
  14. what can we do to this seller?
  15. I believe he/she comes everyday!
    Because I have just done my Reveal a couple of days ago, and they are using my Grey Caivar Maxi photos in their listing now!
    Every photo on his/her store are stolen from us!

    I am trying to see whether there is a customer email address for Tao Bao too.

    Here is the email of the seller:

    Please send him/her a warning email everyone! and put WATERMARK on all your photos!