tPF Withdrawals (I need my fix)

  1. started today (GO IRISH)...I originally joined the tPF right before school ended last spring and of course my bag addiction wasn't what it is now.
    Well today was the first day of school...and I could only log on once this morning before I left for school.....and I'm used to being on here all day long.

    Any other students going through the withdrawals/DTs lately because school started?
  2. You should get a laptop!! When I was on campus they were putting wireless in most of the buildings. You can pretend to be taking notes in class on your laptop while secretly checking in here :smile:
  3. I've been working extra lately and don't have as much time during the day to check tPF. I have MAJOR withdrawal!
  4. I have wireless in my office but just no time during the day to check my grad classes are so small that you couldn't get away with sneaking online :sad:
  5. Which building/program are you in??
  6. I was an Arkie. Always over in Bond Hall.