TPF went down for a few hours and i went NUTS! LOL

  1. so, what did u do when TPF went down for maintenance?

    i kept on refreshing hoping it'll be back soon :p
    and luckily my fave football club aired on TV. Liverpool vs PSV eindhoven.
    and liverpool won 3-0 :dothewave:
  2. haha i actually did some work and went on eBay. LOL.
  3. ^ me too... i actually got some work done! lol

    oh, and i browsed other sites i'm usually not as active on.
  4. I hated that downtime... :p I even called DH cause I thought something was wrong with our PC hehehehe
  5. yeah...i actually worked at work :yucky:
  6. I reported fake Pradas on eBay. I was busy as usual!:supacool:
  7. LOL... u girls a re funny, adn Prada Psycho, u're doing something good for ebayers all around the globe :yes:
  8. ^^Yeah... I reported a few items on eBay and playing tag with Elux, FedEx, and some dude name "courier" who couldn't finish his route!
  9. I took a nap!:sad:
  10. i had something to do so thankfully i was occupied if not...:wtf:
  11. I went to sleep after refreshing & refreshing & was so hard no warning just BAMM tpf is down for repair :crybaby: glad we're back on line now!
  12. I surfed eBay and Neiman Marcus and looked for jewelry! But I am SO glad that the site is back up!

  13. same here ...and it HURT !!! :wtf:
  14. Sorry it went down again.. we have a bit of a big glitch that is being worked on! :crybaby:

    Vlad is sleeping and in Germany... which leaves me in charge. That means there may be more downtime!
  15. it was awful...i wanted to read this really interesting thread! got some homework done though.