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Which picture do you think resembles love the best?

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  1. Thanks to Sari from Lux Couture, we were able to run this fun and unique contest this year and received a massive response from our readers and members! It was extremely hard to find our favorite submissions, because they were all stunning, beautiful and touching!

    Please view the following 10 submissions (8 just didn't do it :shame:smile: and cast your vote to determine the winner of this beautiful Clara Kasavina clutch! Let us know whose picture resembles love the most to you... :heart:


    Thanks again to Lux Couture for sponsoring our contest, and good luck to the finalists!

    Voting will run until 11:59PM EST on February 14th. Only one vote per member!

  2. Submission #1
    "Circle of love, the day my daughter was leaving and we all were crying our goodbyes and she and her brother and sister were trying to put on a brave face while I took the pix."


    Submission #2
    "The love here between my son and his dad is absolutely perfect. (Love of cake isn't bad either!)"


    Submission #3
    "This is picture of my boyfriend and I. I met him when I was 15 years old, he was an exchange student in Canada from Denmark. And goodness, my mother di dnot like him, a smooth talking 17 year-old European boy with her daughter. After he left Canada, and left me with my heart in pieces we lost touch. This photo was taken on the night that we saw each other again for the first time, 6 years later. Needless to say, it was love at 'first sight' and I now live in Denmark, this is my favorite picture of all time. For me it captures the light of first and true love."

  3. Submission #4


    Submission #5
    "This picture struck me as the one I should submit because it showed the relationship between my husband and my daughter. My husband had just finished his second-to-last basketball game of the season. He had been out sick from school for three days (he has taken one sick day in our 20 years of marriage) and was very ill. He coached that night only because we had to win to make the play-offs. We did not win. We lost in the last few seconds on two controversial calls and he was very sad to say the least It was the first time in four years he did not make post-season play. My 12-year-old daughter left her seat beside me and went down to comfort him. She didn’t say anything to him but just kept rubbing his back."


    Submission #6
    "This is my DH and dog Maya. DH loves to bug me and call Maya a "Daddy's girl" and while I'd never admit it to him, it's true in many ways. She goes to sleep in his arms every night, although I say it's because he doesn't move around like I do. (hmmpf!) She was a present to me, but I really am glad that they love each other so much, especially since he used to think Chihuahua's looked like rats! can you believe it?"


    Submission #7
    "True affection"

  4. Submission #8
    "Here is my submission of myself and my daughter, my husband took it candidly"


    Submission #9
    "This is my husband and our daughter. There is no love greater on this earth than a love a father (or mother) has for their child. It exceeds all boundaries...knows no limits. It is stronger than steel and more beautiful than a morning sunrise. It is ageless and endless. It takes complete control of you the first time you set your eyes upon them and you are never the same!"


    Submission #10
    "My son insisted throughout my pregnancy that we would have a girl, and sure enough, we did. (He already had a younger brother). He was holding her and no one was really paying attention to him and I heard him say just to her, “Oh, I think I’m really going to love her”. It was so touching and sweet and full-on innocent love…that I ran and got my camera and took this teary-eyed out-of-focus snapshot of the moment! I can’t look at it w/out feeling that emotion!"


    :heart::heart:Good Luck To All The Submitters! :heart::heart:
  5. I wish I could vote for more than one! :sad:
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  7. Gorgeous pictures! Good luck everyone:heart:
  8. All of the photos are sooooo sweet!! Good luck everyone!:yes:
  9. I had a tough time deciding too-good luck to everyone who entered!
  10. Oh my gosh this is hard to do! I wish I could have picked more! Good luck!
  11. great photos
  12. It was super easy for me to pick!
  13. We had such a hard time deciding which pictures to put up... there were so many more that showed love in so many ways- it was just soo hard! Great pics!
  14. Thanks Megs for allowing us to share our lives with everyone here.
  15. :love: They should all win :biggrin: