TPF v8.1 - Feedback thread

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    TPF's restyling has been updated and I've taken a lot of the user feedback into account.

    - Issues with IE 9+ should now be resolved
    - Browser compatibility improved on other platforms
    - The Thread Starter flag is back in the postbit
    - Thread view in full screen width
    - Userinfo back to the left
    - Full sized avatars are back (updating to 170px max size shortly)
    - Multiquote is back
    - Brand forums are listed back in alphabetical order

    Let me know what other bugs you may encounter. Thanks.
  2. The overall changes from V8 to V8.1 make it so much better thank you.

    Still a little bit glitch-y (tried to quote and the format went in a straight left-hand column) but I am sure those will be ironed out
  3. It looks great, Vlad! Thank you for listening and all your hard work!
  4. Yea for multiquote! Still loving our new look!
  5. I still love it too. You did a great job, Vlad! :biggrin:
  6. Aha! So you're calling this 8.1! LOL
    I came here to post earlier but the other thread was closed & this one wasn't started yet. It was so weird - I was replying to a comment - when I started, my user info was on the right, but once I hit SUBMIT, it was on the left! It was like a "blink and you'll miss it" moment!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work & efforts, and for taking into consideration all the input from users. Haven't tried it out on IE yet, I'll be back at work tomorrow and will definitely check it out!

    I still think the forum has a modernized look while keeping with the original theme/layout! Hopefully, its a win/win for everyone!

    Thanks again & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!:santawave::tpfrox:
  7. Looks better than before.

    Only glitch I am having is that my posts are not full-width as the others in the thread are. Mine are the same size that the "old-new" tpf used to be
  8. I have the same problem but once you Reload it goes full width.
  9. Damn. I was soooo loving the new format, and now the old one is practically back with just the updated heading. I don't get it? The poster info is back on the left, the signature is back on the bottom, and the space covers almost the whole width of the page, except for a small grey margin. I tied switching style, and it took me to the "old style" which is practically the tpf fixed style.

    I know it's a lot of work, but any chance of a third option? The 'old' new style you rolled out to begin with?

    Edit: Ok this is weird. everyone else's post covers left to right. Mine however has Large grey margins. I am so confused. I'll do a screenshot to show you.
  10. [​IMG]

    Here is what it looked like. Now they all have the same skinny margin.

    Still voting for the original revamp, with slightly larger text. Or, I'll just shut up, and take whatever format you provide, so generously for us. :biggrin:

    Ok, just read this issue has already been addressed, but I go back to my original question of whydoes the Fixed tPF look like a fraternal twin of the previous tpf style? Ok, it looks like an identical twin who had a nose job.
  11. Oh, and I'm not showing any multiquote. Thanks. Could it be Opera? That is my main browser.
  12. I can see you have mutiquote. It's that little round circle between quote and quick reply.
  13. I love it! It looks fantastic.
  15. Yes, I'll make a fixed style available. :idea:

    The issue with the squished reply is being addressed.