TPF Tulsa Meet!

  1. I am planning a Meetup in Tulsa for TPF members. Hopefully it will be this weekend but if you would prefer more notice we can schedule for another day! LETS DO THIS!:yes:
  2. I'd love to go but you know my situation.... I won't be back until Sunday, the 25th from Michigan... if you do postpone it until after then, let me know, as I used to live in Tulsa and love shopping there... Mmmm... UTICA! :girlsigh:
  3. Utica Square is YUMMY shopping.. Well, as yummy as it gets in Tulsa!
  4. ^^ :graucho: true true... woodland hills isn't bad but Utica is way better.
  5. you said you USED to live in Tulsa, Where do you live now?
  6. Toxic, I live in Northwest ARK. now, about 2 hours away. Did we want to do this next weekend? I'll be in t-town in 3 weeks anyway but I could make a special trip.
  7. Sorry I didn't respond to the PM toxic! I was in OK, but I was in OKC this weekend.
    I can't make a Tulsa trip anytime soon, too many offspring! :biggrin:
    Thanks for inviting me though!:love:
  8. Well it ended up not working out so I will reschedule and let all of you girls know... Anyone have any date suggestions?
  9. I'll watch this thread if you decide to reschedule. I'd like to come!!
  10. Keeping an eye on this to see when/if you decide to reschedule... I'm going to the Dallas meet Jan. 26th... but I'd love to hit up Utica sometime!
  11. YAY...a Tulsa meet! I feel like I have finally hit the big time. LOL. Invisicat is also from Tulsa. Any new dates in mind?
  12. Maybe February?
  13. The new Coach store in Woodland Hills Mall is supposed to open on Friday, March 28 -- so maybe Saturday the 29th? Check out a brand new store?
  14. That might be cool. Woodland Hills is a good mall, too. Maybe after that we can sneak over to Utica!
  15. Bump?