TPF: Things you would never have done

  1. before The Purse Forum:

    Before I met you all, it never entered my mind to:

    Tuck my bag in with me at night. Now, every single night before I go to bed, I bring my bag in that I used for the day and the one I'm using tomorrow and set them on my loveseat next to my bed. They are all tucked in and waiting for me to wake up.

    I would have NEVER done that before I met all of you and everyone told me their stories of how they tucked their bags in.

    What are some of the things that you all do:graucho::confused1::graucho:

    Us silly purse addicts:heart:
  2. i wouldnt have spent so much money.
  3. I wouldn't have thought of putting a cardboard bottom in a Speedy. I probably wouldn't have bought a handheld! I also wouldn't have known about baby wipes.
  4. :roflmfao: definately me neither....but, I also wouldn't have had so much fun!:yes:
  5. I wouldn't have known about or used a purse organizer
  6. I would NEVER use an LV bag (or any other designer bag) for school
  7. I wouldn't have dreamed about purses at night (had another LV dream last night)... :shame:
  8. Wow! This has really changed some people's lives!!! lol..... cool!
  9. Would not have spent over $1000 on a bag (or over $500, really).
    Would not have "accessorized" my bags.
    Would not have photographed my bags.
    Would not have known about coordinating accessories like agendas and cles.
    Would not have known how much I like carrying a handheld bag!
  10. I would never have purchased that first LV that got me hooked!
  11. Hmmm...I wouldn't have bought upwards of 30 things from LV and then sold them all a year later HEEHEE

    But I also wouldn't have been exposed to Balenciaga, Chloe, and other bag brands!
    I wouldn't have made some great friends (who I talk to on the phone regularly).....I wouldn't know crap about fashion and would still be wearing Doc Martens and thinking I was fashionable!

    I wouldn't know about resellers, great eBay finds, and what a heatstamp was!!!!

    I wouldn't be a guest blogger.....or running a RAOK and meeting so many great people!
    Love TPF!!!
  12. :roflmfao: ITA
  13. I wouldn't have photographed my bags, spent so much....

    ...or had as much fun :smile:
  14. After TPF, I spent twice my purse budget compare from last year :push: Is not the end of the year yet :sad: And the itch is still there :sweatdrop: Too many eye candies here if only I can restraint myself from logging on. And, I would not photograph my bag like a piece of art :p And thank goodness for TPF, I am not the only bag addict on this planet earth :yahoo:
  15. Same here! Would never have photographed my bags, model, or expose all the accessories making me feel like a neat freak.