tPF taking scary proportions...

  1. We barely missed the 50,000 visitors mark for Tuesday, August 22nd. Over 225,000 pageviews. That's fiddy thousand purse & fashion crazy women (and men) finding their way to tPF in 24 hours.

    Mind you that a month ago, 25,000 visitors was an average. If we keep on doubling in size every month... oh boy...

    More power to you ladies! :heart:
  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That's A LOT!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, well c'mon this blog rocks!!!! I am here like every hour of the day!!! Wow, I am so happy!
  3. OH wow Vlad!! Powerful!
  4. Oh WOW that's amazing!!
    Maybe it has to do with naming the PF blog? hehe
  5. More power to the ladies AND gents!! DUH!! You all make this happen for us!! :heart:

  6. thats so awesome. I feel so privledge to be on this forum!

    this purse community has awesome threads and awesome members!!!
  7. More power to tPF!! There is ALWAYS something to read and always something going on around here! Sometimes I pop in really quick, but easily get SUCKED IN for longer than expected. Its all good!
  8. wow, so cool... man, I am here like 24 hours a day.. lol, I wonder how many of that is counted.. lol lol lol...
  9. That's really amazing!! this place really fills a void in our lives!!
  10. All right~~~ That's great news!!!:yahoo:
  11. WOOP WOOP! TPF is the sh*t! I am so proud to have been here since April and seen the growth I have seen in that time. Vlad and Megs deserve all of this have created something that is more than just a website about was like a dream come true for me.
  12. It's been fun to see it grow even since I joined this past spring! Thanks Megs and Vlad!
  13. wonderful news :yahoo: I love this site :love: I've referred many ppl here and will continue to do so
  14. Let's give ourselves a pat on the back and be proud! Vlad and Megs- that's so fantastic:wlae:
  15. WOW!!!:nuts: Congrats to tpf!! Thanks Megs and Vlad for creating tpf!! I am on here for hours, and I love it!!:yahoo: