tPF Sunshine committee RAOK Reveal

  1. :yahoo: If you recieved something from the committee and want to share it with the forum or thank the members, here is the place to do it :smile:

    Keep spreading the sunshine! :heart:
  2. thanks to the sunshine committee for supporting the march of dimes in helping premature babies!!! keep spreading your sunshine!!!!:woohoo: :woohoo:
  3. Lots of sunshine love!!!
  4. Completly our pleasure, have a great walk.
  5. well i don't have ANY idea with a RAOK sunshine commitee is but it sounds lovely. i got a present from Bessie, does that count? lol.
  6. I want to thank the committee too. I received a note from them about something they are doing for me, and I was incredibly touched by it. Once I get moved later this week, and my camera/computer are set up again, I'll post an update.

    I just want to say THANK YOU to you all for being so thoughtful, it means more to me than you realize! :heart:
  7. ^^ best of luck with your move and congrats!:flowers:
  8. I just want to say how deeply touched I am by the thoughtfulness and caring that you Mary have shown for the members of this forum by your Sunshine idea. Thank You for the gift I received from you in today's mail. It could not have come at a better time.. :crybaby:. You indeed have spread your sunshine into my otherwise gloomy day. Thank you my friend...:tender:
    God Bless!!..
  9. I am so glad :smile: That in itself makes my day :smile:
  10. i don't know who you are...but whoever sent me that lovely mini skinny from coach, THANK YOU. please pm me and tell me who you are (coach is ridiculously good at hiding names in packages, lol). the past few weeks have been just so crappy and put me in such a downer "woe is me" mood- so this is SO much more than a little gift, you have no idea.

    so, thank you. it's beautiful and i will treasure it. :heart:
    (and, yes, i'm bawling my eyes right now now...)

  11. I think the sunshine committee member who sent this wanted to remain anonymous, but I will double check with them :smile: Glad you got it :smile:
  12. oh, that's totally okay!

    but still, you know who you are- you're amazing. :heart:
  13. mary- again, you are awesome for taking the time to organize this.

    Kallison-your mini skinny is adorable
  14. I think a few more people should have recieved some surprise by now....hmm...please remember to post here when you have, so we know you got 'em. Thanks :smile:
  15. mary ure so awesome!!!spread the sunshine and make people smile!!it's a wonderful idea:smile: