tPF students: What are you doing with your winter break?

  1. My first semester as a PhD student is OVER! I just finished grading the final exams of my students today & finished my own finals this week! :yahoo:

    Now, for the first time in YEARS I have an entire month to myself. I don't feel like getting a job for three weeks. Frankly, my brain hurts, I need a little R&R.

    I'm going to sleep in late, visit friends that I haven't seen in years and be a somewhat responsible student and read some of the 130 books (eek!) I'm responsible for when I take my comp exams in two years!

    What is everyone doing with their holiday vacation?? Hope anyone still suffering through finals finds relief soon!
  2. Playing Wii, reading and hoping to get some exercise done. And I should clean my room before I go home for the holidays too :shame:
  3. Jillybean, no winter break here, but come down to Virginia Beach! You can even stay with me!

  4. Oooh, how about for Martin Luther King Day??? I have a three day weekend, and was trying to think of something fun to do. I'd love to come to VA Beach!
  5. Going home for 6 days, Mexico for 4 days, and staying in LA for the remainder of break.
  6. Sounds great! PM me if you want!
  7. I also just finished my last final exam today for the semester! It hasn't quite sinked in yet because I'm currently soo tired.

    However, biggest highlight for this winter break is that my girlfriends and I have arranged a 5 day trip to Las Vegas! Excited and looking forward to it! We've already arranged two shows -Phantom at the Venetian and the Chippendales. ;D

    Either and that I can't wait to just hang out with friends, relax and take in the holiday spirit.
  8. I can't wait until it's all over on Monday night. On Wednesday I'm going to New York for a few days with some friends, and then after that going to LA to visit my brother/spend the holidays with my family there. I'm counting down the hours!
  9. Going to Phoenix for 2 weeks with my boyfriend and family. I plan to do some yoga, get a few massages and drink wine!
  10. I'm not a student anymore, but I am a college instructor. Since we had almost TWO months for our winter break, I went back to one of my former jobs, as my [then former] supervisor called me back in a bit over a month ago because they needed help. So I'm back to working there again like this was two years ago. I've also been working on revamping my online presence and associated porfolios. That, and you know. Sleeping. I'm so ready for school to start up again. It will be a hustle, though, because I plan on continuing the part-time job that I just restarted. I'm sure things will get interesting.
  11. Going home to San Diego for 4 days, go to Mexico for a day (or two), go to Hawaii for a week and a half for my birthday. :]
  12. I have a two week vacation. I'm satying at home for most of the time with my familiy. My brother and his wife and child are comming over from spain. I am also going to a spa for 3 days with BF
  13. does 7th grade students count :smile: bha.

    well jillybean, im going to wintergreen, which is 45 min. away from charlottsville :smile:
  14. Jillybean, enjoy the know happens after you finish the comps, don't you? :devil: Then your advisor gets on your case about publishing papers and you get NO break. In fact advisors LOVE winter and summer breaks because they know you aren't taking courses or TAing and have time to WORK FOR THEM.

    I'm close to graduating and I have no breaks anymore.
  15. Sleeping like always, lots of cooking/baking (I hate being a freshman and not having a kitchen), and just not thinking at all. Haha