TPF Sisters Bring True Sisterhood to TPF... and my "1st" Chloe!!

  1. Well everyone... I finally found my "1st" Chloe... and I am ecstatic... :yahoo:think I am in love:love:

    And you must read the story! Sorry if it is long, but it has such a happy ending...
    Somehow I ended up in the Chloe forum... and the Chloe girls got me hooked! So I have been on a mission to find my first Chloe... and everyone has offered incredible advice about what my "first Chloe" should be. And I still couldn't decide:confused1:, so it started with the brown patent Elvire from NAP (was on sale)... didn't do it for me, so it got sent back (though this bag is very photogenic!). Then I found this cute blue Bay on eBay... the Chloe pros (Lescoy, Saz, Iwona - I hope I am not leaving anyone out) aren't feeling right about it so I am sending to MyPoupette to get it checked out... so I can't really call it a first, and she is just ok anyways, not "the one"... Then I find this cute beige Bay(not sure of the actual color name) that a TPFer is selling... and I buy her, BUT she is still not "the one" so I will probably be selling. Don't you hate when you get a deal, but buy because it is a deal! Then the black patent Beata goes to 60% at NAP... and I had to have her... and she's a beauty, I am actually debating whether or not to keep her, but she's still not "the one", plus she is rather large for an everyday bag...

    Then I see divs post about this argent Bay she snags at Nordies... and can't decide whether or not to keep... then I see her post again that she found a different Bay, in the size she was originally looking for... and would be returning the first... SO, I figure, why not just ask... the worst answer I could get would be No... So I send the amazing Div a PM asking to let me know when she returns... cause I want to snatch her up as soon as she gets to Nordies... because I really think this might be "the one"! Then Div has technical probs so Susie steps in (the sisters in real life) to send me messages and be sure the SA has my number, etc. So Div returns the Bay and has the SA call me, of course the SA gives me a price higher than what Div just returned it for :cursing: . So I call Susie to confirm the price... and she lets me know that Div just got them to mark her Gold Bay to a NR price... and I should just ask... So I do, and the SA goes for it!:yahoo:I couldn't believe it! I got her for $599... I am still in shock!:shocked: And she finally gets here... I think they sent her to London and back (Tag's attraction to Bays might have had an effect)... and I LOVE Love LOVE my new Chloe! And that is my story... The sisters bring sisterhood to the TPF! And I get my "first" (at an amazing price) and couldn't be happier. And I must say a huge THANK YOU to Div and Susie for their wonderfulness, for I wouldn't have found her without you!! And everyone else who had been so awesome! I think the Chloe girls are the BEST! I owe you all a big:ty:

    So I guess the virgin Chloe girl... is now a Chloe addict:nuts:!
    And the moral of the story: Ask and you shall receive!!
  2. AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! You finally got it!!!!!!!

    Just yesterday Div and I were talking about you. "What happened to Tres? Why hasn't she posted" I inquired? Div said you probably didn't like the purse and that you most likely returned it (yea I thought? but bummer)?

    Yet this isn't the case, yea :tup:and how many Chloe's do you own now? For a newbie your clutch is putting some seasoned gals to shame. I think your collection is awesome.

    Tres this Bay is adorable on you. I think you'll especially enjoy using it this Summer.

    Thanks for completing the story and sharing it with all of us. I'm so excited for you.:love:
  3. Looks good on you!! It's so nice how TPFers help each other out!!
  4. Thanks Susie! It seems like it took forever I know! And this color is TDF!!! So much better IRL! :drool:

    I got a little obsessive compulsive about Chloe lately and looking for the "perfect first"! I am a little embarrassed about the bags I have collected on the journey! :shame:I have the blue bay I am still waiting to hear back on, a camel Bay I am afraid to get dirty, the black patent Beata I am debating on whether or not to keep, and then my addiction has got me a black paddy in transit that I found on eBay while I was awaiting the Argent Bay... All of you Chloe addicts were right about buying more than one! Though I probably won't be keeping them all. I am trying to only buy things that I absolutely love... and everything else has just got to go!!! Thanks again for all of your help!
  5. Congrats, what a great story. Your bag is beautiful.
  6. Thanks so much Kiss_p and llson!
  7. Tresadora!!! I just returned from date night and I see this wonderful post!!! I am so relieved about OUR happy ending!!!! I am just so ecstatic that you are thrilled and that we both got such incredible deals on these bags!!! I can't stop making exclamation points!!!!! But really - this is an incredible place to hang out at. We all care about our purse happiness for starters but it comes to more than that - doesn't it? I think I'm a little fahclempt - or however you spell it. My eyes are misting over!!!!!
  8. Wow! What a FAB story! I love it! Thanks for sharing -- I think we can all appreciate the group effort that goes into finding the perfect Chloe! Especially b/c there are soooo many to choose from :yes: If I had a dime for every time somebody on here has helped me (whether directly or indirectly) I'd, well, be able to buy another Chloe :lol:

    She is TDF :tup::heart: And, she looks perfect on you! Congrats & Enjoy :yes:
  9. Oh Tresadora, congratulations! So happy you and your dream purse have found each other. It's lovely and the photo is great! And a big :woohoo: to super-sisters Susie and Nata ... you girls rock!

    Once you're on a mission, there really is no stopping you! [​IMG]

    (oh dear ... "llama banana" isn't working! I think we broke it a couple of weeks ago! :shame:smile:
  10. Congrats, great story, great purse, great mission you're on! I am happy that you have found "the one" (and at such a good price!) and it truly looks gorgeous on you![​IMG] Enjoy her! And yes, the Chloé forum is a great place with great and fun members!!!
  11. Oh wow...what a wonderful fairytale and happy ending....

    Trust me there is nothing to be ashamed of in collecting all these bag.....I know I have done the exact same thing and the sad thing is that it doe't end with one perfect bag....You'll only want more and more from now on! Its just a matter finding the styles you like in the perfect colour!
  12. Congrats on a beautiful bag at at really good price!:tup: It is a great story as well. The argent bay finally found its way home around the forum:lol:
  13. oh what a great story!!! Go sisters! :p The bag looks great on you! :tup:
  14. Thanks so much Div! Yes, we both ended up winning! And I can't thank you enough for making such an effort to help me with this bag and even getting your sis involved when your computer was acting up!!! You both are the best! I agree that it is more than just purse happiness... people from around the world, hanging out at TPF, who all just happen to have a common interest/addiction... purses, but at the same time there are so many who give their time and really care about other's happiness! What a SWEET place... it is! If only we could get the rest of the world interested in purses... Thanks so much again!!!!
  15. Thanks so much Jen!
    I almost wonder if we should use your idea... every dime:thinking:... and start a fund for the Chloe pros (especially Lescoy, Saz & Iwona - please let me know if I am leaving anyone out!) on the ATC... I can think of at least 20 times (probably more) the girls have helped me in that last couple of months... AND how much they have saved me from buying a terrible fake... that would be at least $2, but then if we all did that... what an interesting idea! I know everyone has been awesome and are always willing to help out... but I really haven't figured out how they keep up with the ATC thread! Anyways, Thanks Jen!