TPF Singapore Meet and a Reveal

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  1. Four of us ladies, @frenziedhandbag, @Phiomega, @Bagcoolie and myself, met up in SG yesterday. We had a lovely time getting to know each other, gushing over Tomas Maier's designs and bemoaning the recent changes to BV.

    Here's a shot of our BVs from dinner last night.

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  2. We of course got to talking about BV's mid-yr sale, which brings me to my reveal.

    Presenting my knot clutch bag in gigolo red...and I couldn't resist another necklace.

    20190518_120835.jpg 20190518_120853.jpg
  3. How great that the four of you could get together!
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  5. Do give us a shout if and when you do visit. I'm sure we'd all love to meet up with you.
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  6. Many thanks for the kind offer.

    We have experienced the "hosting" that is so prevelent in SG. We have also returned the favour when our SG friends come down to Western Australia.
  7. Awesome time
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  8. How wonderful that you got together! And what a marvelous four! I admire you all!
  9. Fab quattro! :loveeyes:
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  10. Do join us! The more the merrier. We really chatted about anything and everything under the sun, not just BV. Great food and even better company, it was fun!
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  11. It was really great to meet up, to see and to know the people behind the beautiful BVs... we had delicious chili crab and seafood whilst talking about BV, vacation spot, paintings (@Bagcoolie - the flowing water one is beautiful), and BVs of course! Thank you @sngsk for arranging. Should do it again next time I am in Singapore!
  12. I love this! So great you guys could meet and share your passion.

    Love the sale items sngsk. The red is beautiful.
  13. How fun you all got together!!! :heart: the BV picture :flowers:
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  14. Well did you plan in advance for a muted tone bag night, lol.. All of them are so pretty. Seeing a lot of these bags together takes BV to a whole new dimension.
  15. My pleasure! And yes, do stay for longer next time and bring your colleague/fellow BV fan along!
    Thank you! I am so glad to finally have a piece of gigolo red. But it is so sad that they are discontinuing the city knot/knot clutch range
    We only planned on bringing BVs we didn't have to be too precious about- seeing that we were gonna be having seafood and chilli crabs in particular which usually involves some manual deshelling.

    @Phiomega had observed at dinner how we had very similar styles as (Tomas Maier era) BV fans- understated and classic
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