tPF should be required reading for SAs

  1. I went to the outlet today with my '08 Legacy pouch and the sales ladies were all oohing and aahing over it. They asked how I could have gotten it already and I told them I got the sku off the Internet and had the SA in the boutique order it for me.

    I'm just amazed that we can find out more info than Coach gives to their SAs! My boyfriend said that's because we're obsessed and the average SA is just trying to make a living - BUT STILL!
  2. soo true and your boyfriend is right but hilarious! :roflmfao:
  3. haha!! That's true, caz I'd probably work at Coach for only a discount on bags...I'd just gaze at the merchandise all It's funny because we all thing that would be amazing, but to most SA's they probably view it as just another job.
  4. I know. I went to my local store yesterday and asked about the pond patent ergos and the SA said, "we're not bringing out patent this year." I just said okay and left. Not worth arguing about, but I was somehow still amazed at how little the SAs seem to know the product sometimes.
  5. I went into Coach the other day to return my Leigh and I was amazed about how much one of the SA's knew. I was hoping there would be a possiblity I could get the sold out angora/khaki Carly (haha) and the SA said they are coming out with a parchment/khaki Carly. I was like what?!?!?! I was so excited but I was more happy that I had someone who knew something. Everytime I asked her a question she knew the answer. I was amazed. Never before did I have such a pleasant Coach experience. That is my Coach store from now on, but only when she is working hehe
  6. your bf is right on track. most of my coworkers can care less about true religion jeans. i`m sure most of our customers think they know more than us.
  7. Your BF's so right, we are obsessed! However, some of the SAs should be obsessed, too. It would be nice for the majority of them to do their homework and be knowledgeable. I know that COACH provides product videos for them to view new items to be released, but maybe most of them don't have a retention for the info, IDK.

    Fortunately, I have several knowledgeable SAs whom I work with. When I go in with a hint of something new coming out they will try to look it up or they'll pull out one of their product books.

    I'm glad they keep up with new items, so I don't get that look of 'girl, what are you talking about?'!
  8. Your boyfriend is right, haha.
  9. hahahhaha that is just hilarious. shows how professional THEY can be.
  10. I agree - I went to the boutique with my clay Maxene boots on and the SA's said they didn't even know they made them! Granted, my store doesn't sell shoes but...
  11. It doesn't help that the SA's cannot pull up the Japan website while they are at the Coach store. Not helpful at all. I know when I have worked at various places, just being able to surf my own companies website(s) helped me a lot in familiarizing myself with their products and services.
  12. What your bf said is hilarious !
  13. Yes, BF is hilarious, and often correct. He actually had the nerve to look just as disgusted with me as I was with the SAs!
  14. too funny!!!!!