TPF shortform guide please

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  1. someone should make a guide for us newbies here to understand the shortform words u guys used eg. TDF, GGH, all that. i really dont understand any): help please!

  2. :tup:
    That is a great idea! I think it should be at the top with the Balenciaga referance library. And many don't just pertain to Bbags, but are universal abbreviations. I do not know them all but I will try to help you out....

    HG = holy grail (as in my HG bag is 05 Bubblegum Pink City
    TDF = to die for
    Bbag = Balenciaga bag
    GGH = giant gold hardware
    SGH = silver giant hardware
    RH = regular hardware

    and then some just pertain to colors, like FB would be French Blue and BG Bubblegum. Is there any others cpc (caramelpancakes ;) you can think of?
  3. haha thanks for the help! omg i've been like racking my head out wondering what on earth is TDF and why is everyone saying it! i thought (PDF) -.- :heart:

  4. thanks for that vernetia! im reading it now :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.