TPF seniors? anyone over 50 here? 40?? 60????

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  1. Would love to talk to you baby boomers what are you wearing and how did you get here????
  2. Getting there, getting there....
  3. 43 here does that make me a baby boomer?
  4. I'm almost 51 but my idea of "fashion" is wearing clean levis.

    However, the gals here are working on edumacating me better! Soon I'll have pics of me int he clothes Roz sent me last month! WHOO HOOO!
  5. ummmm..........seniors? 40's!!!!! 50's!!!!! I think seniors today is usually over 65.........if not then yes, i'm a senior at 43!
  6. Hey another 43-senior here! A senior mom at that LOL
    These days the clothes are basic black or white tee shirt and Levis. I can't really wear special outfits with the kids, so accessories are my mainstay.
  7. Wow - when I saw that title....Seniors, over 50? I'll be 49 soon. Cannot believe it! Well, I discovered tPF when I got kicked off eBay.(another story). I had been collecting designer stuff, mostly handbags and was like "now what site can I go on?" I guess I googled handbags and found this. I think I had stumbled on this site at an earlier time but never bothered to really look into. As far as what I'm wearing, I love clothes more now than when I was 20. I got my Neimans cc about 20 years ago and made yearly trips. There was no internet then, lol. Today I wore my theory pants, they fit great! My top was a vivienne tam, and shoes nothing special.
  8. I'm 44 (and do not consider myself a senior, LOL), and my attire of choice is flannel PJ bottoms and a T-shirt! I spend most of my waking hours in scrubs, it seems.
  9. 51 here. I used to be a clotheshorse, in a past career life. BAck then I had more than 200 pairs of shoes! My friends called me Imelda! But now I am retired and spend time showing my dogs, and rescuing greyhounds and I live in the country. No couture here (except for purses!). I swapped my shoe obsession for a purse and jean obsession. I wear jeans boots and tees most of the time, with a sweater or a leather blazer or jacket depending on weather.

    I am waiting until the bloody last minute to have to wear bifocals- I will not go down without a fight!!! :boxing:
  10. lolol....sorry mates.....i really meant 'senior FTP members' !!!
    and yes 50 is the age you can get your AARP CARD!!! so get used to it..IT'S FUN!
    i love this forum and love bags as much as i did when i was 18 and got my first GUCCI! every christmas i bought myself a new one! back then a couple of hundred was big big bucks!
    and seeing the beatles in person was 13 dollars for front seats that puts it all in perspective.....

    i have bifocals and thank goodness i can finally see!!!

    agree tooo i love jeans tees and boots with my fancy bags just like i did as a young girl...

    hugs to all of you by the way i am 58
  11. 40 and soon to be 41 in is GOOD!!
  12. I'm 42 going on 22. I dress in jeans, capris and tanks in the summer and jeans and sweaters in the winter w/ great bags and funky sneakers or boots. Dressed up in wrap dresses, black pants and fun tops. Just googled around and found this place. I have twin 10 year old sons who are more mature than I am sometimes.
  13. Over 40 means I am a senior? Yikes! Well, since the old lady above me admitted her age, i guess I can also-LOL!

    i am 43. i wear jeans mostly and nice shirts. Capris and short sleeved shirts in the summer. Always shoes on my feet, no sneakers.

    I have a 20 year old son and a 7 year old one. people tell me I look younger than my years. :biggrin: Found this place almost 2 years ago by googling for info on a Marc Jacobs bag-can't seem to tear myself away since then!
  14. Ha ha D' - you're older than me - hag! I love sneakers...I'm wearing these really funky black leather w/ buckle closure sneakers that are sort of converse looking too. I saw Courtney Cox wearing them in InStyle Mag and tracked them down to Shopbop.

  15. I'm 49 and don't consider myself a senior! DH is 53, tho. Man, I never thought I'd be sleeping with a 53 year old!!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I wear mostly juicy in the winter when I'm home...stop laughing!

    I refuse to wear anything uncomfortable like really high heels or low waisted jeans.