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  1. Here are some ideas tPF secret sign for those who have missed it in the other thread:yahoo: .

    1. Swarovski crystals with a purse charm (Please see pics & please SUGGEST a color combination for it to be the official tPF color)

    2. Assorted charms - In this particular charm, I can add a single swarovski crystal at the top ot the bottom in order to identify it as the official tPF secret sign. This can be done in any color)

    Please see attached pics for these 2 ideas and let me know what you think:yes: .

    For those who have commented on this idea, please do so again in these thread so we can have an idea how many are interested and make a decision as a whole if we want to use it as the official tPF secret sign.

    Please see Pics:

    *I was thinking that maybe the purse with the pink, topaz and clear crystal may be appropiate because this way the crystals on the strap can match the purse and can be used with either silver or gold. :yes:
    Straps-4.JPG Straps-5.JPG Straps-6.JPG Purse-1.jpg Purse-2.jpg
  2. More purse charms:yes:
    Purse-3..jpg Purse-4.jpg Purse-5.jpg
  3. Charms Sets :nuts:
    Ladies G.jpg Ladies P.jpg Nature G.jpg Nature P.jpg Assorted Charms.JPG
  4. Oh...All are so cute!!! I like the pink, blue and lovely!!! My bags need charms!:yahoo:
  5. i like the first 2 purse charms! soo cute! would for sure look nice with most bags :yes:
  6. I was thinking the same thing. I like:yes:
  7. I like these! :yes: :yes:
  8. I really like the charms from your 1st post .... sooo cute and sparkly :love:
  9. I like 5th charm in first post
  10. I like the charms
  11. I like everything in your first post!

    This is such a cute idea:girlsigh: you guys are just too sweet!
  12. These are all pretty. The blue one would look so pretty on my new Azur Speedy. :girlsigh:
  13. great job poshinstyle! i love the pink + topaz one and the blue one. and the charms set are awesome! this is exciting!
  14. i LOVE these charms!!! where did u find them??

    i think a bunch of them will look great! though it'll look busy, but it'll shine and that's what will distinguish us from "others"!
  15. I love the first post pictures of the last bag. that willl look bootiful with all the bags.