TPF SEARCH function - when is it coming back

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  1. ?Anyone know??
  2. I don't...but I sure do miss it!
  3. i need my search, but in the meanwhile, google works.
  4. bacardigirl - i sooo thought of you when i got my red elisha the other day - i LOVE it!!
  5. Yeah not having search here is driving me batty!
  6. Im desperate for it, too!
  7. It's been like many days! Is there even a notice or anything about it?
  8. any tips for getting google to work specifically for tpf???
  9. I know I keep looking for it hoping its back.
  10. OK, good, I thought it was just me; I thought I lost my "search"!!!

  11. hi guys! Technical issues or questions need to be asked in Feedback Dropbox please. But before you post there, take a quick browse through that forum, usually things like this have been asked a bunch of times:yes:
    Also, Vlad made a Site wide Announcement about it in ANnouncements several days ago.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.