tPF Running Club 2.0

  1. Congrats to all the ladies who ran today! I'm so glad a new thread is started; I missed the last one. I ran a marathon last year, and have just run 10ks since then...I'm going shopping for a new race-does anyone else find this is the best way to stay motivated?
  2. Just got back a while ago from my 5K race today. It went well although I'm not very fast. Time was 29:25. I'm happy with that as I wanted to be sure I finished in under 30min. It's really cold here today too. Only time I was warm was when I was running.
    Here's a few pics to share with you all.

    Team pic.......
    Picture 50374.jpg

    DH and I before the race......
    Picture 50378.jpg

    We did it! At the finish line, turned around to cheer for others behind us....
    Picture 50383.jpg
  3. Congrats on your under 30 5k time!

    I'm on Week 5 of Hal Higdon's 10K training program, was supposed to do 4.5 miles today. But I felt really good during my run today so I decided to scratch the program (just for today) and just run as far as I could. I ended up running 5.5 longest run yet!

    I was using my GPS running software on my iphone and somehow I tapped the pause button and it stopped logging after only 4.05 miles. Oh well. It was a good run anyway.
  4. WTG RealDeal! I'm following the same 10K program :smile:

    Cyndee: WTG on your run. You are quick!!! I'd love to get under 30 minutes!!!!

    I'm just leg is really hurting. It's always the same calf and has been this way since I started running. Some days are better than goes away while running though. I guess I just need to really build up those calf muscles. I thought it would have happened by now though.
  5. RealDealGirl, congrats on your new PB! Sometimes you just gotta run! lol!

    dr.twiggers, congrats to you too on a successful run today! Your time was excellent. Before you know it, you will be running under 30 minutes. Look how far you have progressed already in just the short amount of time you have been running. It's taken me forever to get to this point, but eventually bit by bit, you do get stronger and faster. Just go at a nice pace for you and don't try to compare yourself to anybody else. I had to learn that since I progressed so much more slowly than the ladies here who also started running about the same time as me.
  6. Cyndee, congrats on your 5k! And thank you for sharing such great pics.

    I know I've been MIA for a while but just wanted to share that my leg has recovered nicely and I was able to run the San Jose Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon today with no problems. It was a fun, flat race.
  7. Congrats dr. twiggers and Cyndee!! I'd love to get under 30 min for a 5k as well.

    My running has not been going well at all. We've been having a lot of rain so I've been running on the treadmill at the gym. Well, that's not true. I can barely run at all. I don't know if it's mental or physical or what. I just don't seem to be able to do it. We had beautiful weather on Saturday so I ran 5k in the am. However, I had to walk some of it. I can't figure out how a week ago I ran a 5k in 32 minutes and I was not able to run this week :nuts: I'm really confused.

    I've been thinking about getting new sneakers. They don't feel as cushiony although they are not that old. I got them in April or May at the "professional" running sneaker store. And I have insoles since I have high arches.

    I also think part of the problem is not having anyone to run with. When I run, i usually see groups of women running and I feel lonely. A lot of my friends run but they have been running for years and I feel that I'm too slow for their pace and I would be keeping them back. I did speak with one acquaintance who mentioned she was looking for a running partner. I emailed her yesterday. Unfortunately it's going to rain most of the week.
  8. Thanks Cyndee! I hope the speed with come.

    WTG Rosa!

    Judie: I run alone....but having a partner would probably make it go quicker and give some motivation. I loved running in the race....I barely heard my music and never thought about my feet or legs (until the very end). I was just concentrating on trying to catch the person in front of me (all while being passed by 8 year olds).
  9. dr. twiggers, yes I use those 8 year olds as motivation as well!
  10. hehe, you guys reminded me of one day about 2 weeks ago, I was out running on my street and suddenly I could hear this 'thunder' descending on me from behind. I turned around and it was the running team from our local high school approaching. They ran along beside me for a few moments, just long enough for me to acknowledge them. Bringing up the rear was their teacher who was about the same age as me. She was keeping up, but just barely. I looked over at her as she passed me and said, 'holy cow! They're fast!'. She nodded and replied, 'yes, they are!'. And with that, they were gone leaving me to continue my run alone and feeling rather old and slow as molasses. haha!
  11. Way to go, everyone who run a race this weekend!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Cyndee, Thanks for sharing your photos. You look great!! Congrats for your time. I remember, earlier this year?, you were saying your DH could walk faster than you run. What a improvement!! Hope your half marathon training is going well.:heart:

    dr. twiggers, Congratulations for you PR!!:yahoo: I am glad you had such a fun. Yes, just sign up for that 10k. You can do it and you will have fun again.

    rosasharn78, Way to go for your half!! I am so glad that your leg is recovered completely. Good luck with your marathon training!!

    JudieH, so true about running with friends. I loved running alone at the beginning and was hesitant to run with people for a while but now longer runs, especially, seem so much easier with friends. Maybe you can join some local running group. Or some of local running stores may host weekly running get together.:smile:
  12. Okay I skipped today's run again. So no Saturday and no Monday run. I just slept in :sad: 13.1 on Nov 6 - gotta get back on track. I'll assume my body needed the rest and keep it moving.
  13. kbnkch, you are right! Now he ahs to keep up with me! Yesterday, he paid me the ultimate compliment as far as I am concerned. He said that he loves running with me because he likes my pace.
    Since he has been running with me from time to time, he has learned how to pace himself and he doesn't have to run/walk anymore. I talked about how he would run perhaps a half km, then would be out of breath or get a stitch and have to walk for awhile. Then he would run again until he was out of breath and so on. Since he has been running with me and learning how to pace himself, he can now run continuously without stopping. THe weekend be fore last, he ran 10km with me and never had to stop or slow down. He has run that run we did yesterday, for the past 2 years while I walked. Two years ago, his run time was about 50 minutes. Last year, his run time was 39 minutes. I thought his time was amazing and that I would never be able to match that. This year though, he ran the whole way with me and shaved 10 minutes off his time from last year. He was so pleased with his accomplishment and of course, I was very proud of him too!
  14. Cyndee- Congratulations on your 5k that is such a great time!! Your pictures are great too! I love seeing race day photos.

    Rosa- Congratulations on your half marathon I cannot wait for mine in 2 weeks.

    Judie- Everyone falls into those ruts with running, it happens to me too. I would definitely go out and buy a new pair of shoes. New running clothes are always motivation for me. I train all by myself too and it is hard at times but most of the time I enjoy it. Have you looked into any running groups around your area?

    I ran my 5k on Saturday and was sick as a dog and it was raining and cold so not the best race for me. I did it in 21:00 which I am feeling so, so about. I think I would have been faster but I felt so sick and couldn't breathe because my nose was so stopped up. It is an extremely hilly course. I have my half marathon in 2 weeks, a 5k in november and a 10k on Thanksgiving day and I think that will be it until January when I really start training hard for my marathon in May.

    I attached two pictures, the one is of me at the race. I am on the left side and have my hands at my face, I am in all black and a baseball cap. The other one is an elevation profile of the course. This is what the man who runs the race said about it..

    At the Start a slight warm-up hill
    - Then downhill with a 4% grade
    - 5% grade uphill at the halfway point leveling off to a 2% hill
    - Downhill to "rest" before the finish
    - 5% grade uphill to the finish
    2221869_height370_width560.jpeg 47843_1527247151911_1556665310_1252660_8130983_n.jpg
  15. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I tend to work out "alone." I have alone in quotes because I take group classes like hot yoga, body pump, etc but I've been running alone. There is a local running group but they meet at 6:30 pm and I have my children with me. I'm sure I will figure it out. Part of me is wondering if running just isn't my thing? I just don't know.