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  1. Yes--it looked like so much fun. It's nice that 5K and other races are starting to get so popular here!

    How long after my October marathon should I "rest"? Can I run another half about two weeks later or is that insane?
  2. It's not insane and definitely doable (assuming you're not trying to actually race the half marathon and just running to finish). The standard rule is it takes as many days as miles you've run for your body to fully recover. For example, if you run 26 miles it should take your body 26 days to recover. However, everyone's body is different and recovery rates vary so much that I would say to listen to your body and see how it feels. Definitely take a full week for recovery at a minimum. I ran my first two full marathons on back-to-back weekends last year and although my legs did feel a little tired during my second race I felt fine running it since I wasn't trying to "race" for time.
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    Thank you! The race was awesome. I ran the San Francisco 2nd half marathon this year so my wave start time was 8:23 am versus the 5:45 am start time I had last year for the 1st half. So I got to "sleep in"! HA! I was struggling with major insomnia and appetite issues for the whole week leading up to the race so I knew I wasn't going to be racing this one for time and instead ran it as a training run. The course was a lot flatter than the first half (but not flat by any means...there were still quite a few smaller hills but overall a net downhill thankfully) and I ended up getting two medals at the finish line which was AWESOME! The SF Marathon has several "challenges" and since I ran both half marathons in consecutive years I qualified for the Half It All Challenge and got an extra medal. It's a beautiful large spinner and I love it! Next year I'm planning to run the full SF Marathon so that I qualify for the 52 Club (running all three events in consecutive years) and the LA/SF Challenge (running both the LA Marathon and the SF Marathon in the same calendar year). Now I'm just focusing on recovery and catching up on sleep so that hopefully I'll be able to race the Salinas Valley half marathon next weekend. Fingers crossed!
  4. I did it!!!!! And I had a great time!! It took me 12:34:44. The course was beautiful, especially the first half. In the second half it was getting warm and the terrain was much harder so I was not able to look around and enjoy the view that much. I had a pain outside the knee from running one of the very steep long down hills which I suspected due to my IT band issue. Since I was sure that I could make the cut off time, I decided to walk the last 5, 6 miles. I didn't not like the walking. It took forever to go that last bit but since it would take me so long to recover from IT band injury if I had pushed though it, I have to think it was the right thing to do. It was little difficult going up and down the stairs when we got home but I feel fine now. I don't feel like running for a while though. There were 167 runners and 123 of them finished and I am so happy I am one of the finishers. I am very pleased with my race and I can't stop smiling. I will definitely do it again and possibly 100k. Thank you all for cheering me!!
  5. WTG, rosa!! You must have lots of metals now. My friend have a dream to decorate a Christmas tree with her metals some day. I am sure you can do that by Christmas this year. You have one impressive fall race schedule.

    I had a half planned one month after my first marathon and there was no way I could run it. However there are the ones like Rosa who ran another marathon a week after her first...

    Awesome!! Congratulations for your first 5k!!

    Congrats for your PR!!
  6. A few photos from my race. Is't Mt. Hood beautiful?
    IMG1275-L.jpg phpJwoYlpAM.jpg phpbkihrDAM.jpg
  7. YAY! Congratulations kbn! Sounds like you had a fantastic time and your pictures of Mt. Hood are absolutely beautiful. I am so in awe of you and your running accomplishments. I can't imagine running the type of distances you run.
  8. kb, that's an amazing accomplishment and that view is gorgeous! thinking of 100k? that would be incredible. Hope your IT heals up quick.

    Rosa, congrats on your half. I bet your medal collection is quite impressive! You have some great races near you.

    legaldiva, that's a great time on your half, congrats! I prefer small races over the big ones.
  9. Congratulations kbnkch!! That`s so amazing! I have yet to finish a long distance race but you are doing so great! Hope everything will be feeling perfect soon again! Those pictures are awesome, too!
  10. kbnkch--WOW!!! Your race & photos are downright inspirational!

    I'm about two months away from my marathon, and now I'm getting serious. I love the "ripple effect" that training has for me: I'm sleeping better, eating better and feeling AMAZING. Now I am starting to see how people get hooked on marathons!

    Last night I ran about 3 miles ... a bit of a trudge. It can see a huge difference in my body between running first thing in the AM vs. running after work!

    I can't wait for the Olympic marathon & long distance races. I will be glued to the tube!
  11. Half marathon #2 in 2 weeks done! I was having stomach issues on race day which was a complete first for me so it definitely wasn't my fastest race but it was good to be out running and I had fun chatting to people that I met along the course. Plus, the finish line was at a winery and all race participants got free wine tasting at the end. WOO HOO!:woohoo:
  12. Like other people have said, it is could be doable but everyone is different. I am actually doing a series of races this fall too...a marathon first, two weeks later a 50 mile relay (with 4 others) and then a half two weeks after that. As I have been training for the marathon, I have also been learning what works best for me to aid in recovery. The most beneficial things so far have been stretching/using a foam roller to aid in massage, compression socks (worn after my long runs and even to sleep in that first night), plenty of water, extra protein (usually in a smoothie post run) and then a good night's sleep.
  13. Has anyone here ever paced anyone for an ultra? I have friend who will be running in the Run-de-vous 100 on August 18th and I'll be pacing her for about 12-14 miles during the last half of her race (runners are allowed pacers only for the last 50 miles). Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do to be a good pacer for her? I know I need to make sure she remembers to fuel and I'll be her own personal cheerleader/pace tracker but I'm not quite sure what else I can do to assist her?

    kbnkch, you're the queen of ultramarathons. Anything that you would suggest/recommend?
  14. I'm interested to know the answer here too...
  15. Just a quick check in - Ran this morning up past parliament and buckingham palace, across the river Thames just in time to hear big Ben with a little detour on the olympic marathon course - may be the greatest run ever!