tPF Running Club 2.0

  1. We are at the same stage!! I had to cut last week short because I had some major injury problems. Instead I focused on cross training. Now I`m determined to go and get some proper runs done this week. But if I can`t, I`ll consider some other race rather than doing my body no good. Good luck to you, though!

    Congrats, that`s awesome!!
  2. I'm sorry about your injury! I just ran over lunch, and I feel great! Although today's plan was 3 miles, I did 3.5 instead, which is my usual workout.
  3. A pic of my running route this week. I normally do a hilly trail but I switched it to this nice flat route that runs along our river and goes on for about 15 miles. This was a nice change and easier on my knees. Did a long, very slow 9 miles here yesterday.

  4. Thanks, rosa and Anna:smile:

    realdeal, I wish I could have joined you on that 9 miler, what an achievement!! And the route looks peaceful, I wish I had a long flat route like that amongst woodland, I miss trees...

    You're really stretching it, girl, got any plans for races?
  5. How are you girls all doing? I ran my first 6 miler in ages today (actually 6 and a little something) and I felt so, so, good! No calf pain at all. That really made my day.
  6. Hi all!!! Sorry I've been MIA. I need to get back into a habit of coming in here again everyday.

    I'm just rehabbing and have run an entire week with no nagging pains. Doc has me doing a lot of strength training on my legs to help stabilize my knees. It seems to be working.

    It is hotter than hot out here now, so the runs are slow and draining. But I'm plugging away....just doing 3 miles 4x week.

    In my mind I keep thinking about that damn marathon that I couldn't do because of the injury. I am contemplating starting the training in Oct/Nov. Not doubling weeks like last time....just do the 16 weeks. But not register for the marathon until super late.

    IDK, I just feel like I need to attempt it, but not make a big deal out of it.

    Of course I am also SO afraid of reinjuring myself.
  7. That looks gorgeous!
    I'm stuck with the treadmill at the gym due to my kids being out of school for summer. Wish I had a place like that!

    Forgive any typos, I'm on my iPhone!
  8. No big race plans for me, I am working on speed work this summer at the track one day a week. My goal is to do a 5k in under 30 minutes in the fall. I've done 4 5K's and my best time was 32 minutes. Did some bleacher running yesterday too, my legs are sore now.

    Anna, congrats on your 6+ miles!

    Twiggers, so glad your rehab is going well. Good thinking to wait and see before you decide to start marathon training again.

    Yes, I am very lucky to have several beautiful trails and paths near me.
  9. ^ You sure are lucky--that trail is just beautiful!

    We were in Kansas City over hte weekend for a family reunion. I got 5+ miles in on Saturday AM, and I could not believe how hilly that city is! I ran around the National WW2 Memorial & downtown ... I have really come to thoroughly enjoy exploring a city while running.

    Today is a rest day, so I'm juice fasting. Then back to the treadmill for 3 miles tomorrow!
  10. Hi twiggers, good to hear you're still out there, I'm happy you're taking it nice and slow..and you know, come winter all those slow, steady miles you did in the heat will pay off and you will feel great running through winter! Forget that marathon, there will be plenty more (I know you feel a bit bitter, so much hard work, but at least you know what you're capable of).

    I've had some of my best runs ever lately, just feel I've taken my fitness to a different level..except this morning I did a slow, unenergetic 4 miles, felt sluggish, bored and uninspired, just wanted to go home...I guess that's the way it goes sometimes...

    Just getting out there in a new city and see where it takes you is something else..I'm off on holiday next week and that's what I've decided to do, instead of painstakingly following a route..just pop some money in the pocket for a taxi home if lost...
  11. Still going strong on my marathon training ... ran 4 miles at lunch on the treadmill yesterday, then my fastest 3 miles yet today. I'm feeling so good!
  12. That's awesome, I feel recovered and ran 4 miles twice and a 2 mile Tempo run for week 3 so far. Doing the long run on Sunday now, I think after some crosstraining for tomorrow and Saturday.
  13. Good going, legaldiva and Anna:smile:

    The thing about running is how good it makes you feel..just you pushing yourself a little bit further all the time, making you do things you didn't think possible (well, I certainly didn't, LOL)

    I had another good, long run this morning, got out an hour before it got light (husband not keen on that..) and made it to 8.7 some new Mizunos (ditched the Asics and got back to what I started with) and a great pair of running pants from Lululemon (they've got some lovely gear, thanks rosa for getting me onto them), they have some fab running shirts, the most comfortable I've ever tried, will update with more of their stuff for summer...
  14. Thanks maggie and good job, too! I ran 9 miles today and it was really hot but I chose a shady route on a forrest trail. I ran 1.40 which for me is perfect so I am happy.
  15. Good job Maggie and Anna on your long runs! I did 6 miles today early in the morning to beat the heat. Yesterday I went out too late in the day and had to run in 93 degrees, just did 4 miles yesterday and had to take walk breaks. Stay cool!