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  1. Hey ladies,

    Just creating a new we can continue over here.

    I just have to say I'm amazed at hitting 5000 posts. The funny thing is when Swanky wrote 5K, I thought she meant she ran a 5K - I was getting ready to congratulate her and everything:smile:
  2. I was just coming here to post a question, excellent timing for a new thread ! :biggrin:
    Today for the first time in a while, I couldn't finish my daily run, after 3 miles I started having such sharp strong pains in my stomach, I had to stop running. The pains were so intense, it felt like needles piercing my stomach area. I even got teary because it was so painful.

    Does anyone know what can cause this and how it is associated with running ? The last time it happened was about a couple months ago.
  3. Could it just be a side stitch?? This is caused by your breathing coinciding with your footfalls (or something like that) and pressing on your diaphragm.
  4. It sounds like a side stitch to me too. As twiggers said, it has to do with your breathing. Try slowing down if it happens and paying more attention to taking even breaths.
  5. 10 more days to my marathon!! I checked 10 day weather forecast this morning and the race day is just perfect as of today. It might not stay that way but it makes me happy for today.:yahoo:
  6. Just plopping myself into this thread.

    I started running too. Trying to lose a few, but figure this might be good for my health as well (regardless of whether I lose pounds or not).

    Was wondering, do you ladies have recommended runners?

    I was wearing my easy tones yesterday (Reebok) and I realize those are more trainer shoes than running shoes now cause they were hard to run in. I ran with my Pumas two days ago and they helped me run longer without dying. I plan on buying Runtones but haven't found them in my size yet. Anyone else notice that shoes make a huge difference in endurance and exertion?
  7. Oh no!!! Please don't run in Easy Tones or even Runtones. You should go to a running store and have your gait analysed so you can buy the correct shoes for your feet!!!

    E.g I have high arches and am a mid-forefoot striker so I wear Saucony Kinvaras and Brooks Launches because I like lightweight shoes. If I had flat feet, these shoes would be wrong for me and hurt my feet.
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    I second that suggestion, don't randomly select a shoe you think might work, go to a running store and let them help you to find proper shoes for your feet. I did and it made a world of difference in my running, I used to be barely able to run 2-3 miles in my old asics shoes that I selected for myself before my feet would start to kill me, in the Brooks that i got fitted it, I easily ran 10 miles without problems and i ran anywhere between 5 and 10 miles daily.

    Thanks for the suggestions though ladies, you were spot in it sounded exactly like the side stitch, I googled it and learned the strategies what to do if it happens again. Thanks again. :smile:
  9. I must have had massive luck when choosing my shoes (Nike Pegasus 25), I didn't know that there was such a thing as foot analysis back then, but my feet never hurt when running unless I step in a hole or something.

    And as for my actual running, I was sick for a month and could barely do anything :sad: Today I ran a little more than 5 miles though, and felt awesome. Finally XD
  10. So....I was planning to do 7mi this morning @ 7am. How about I rolled over until 10am. I can't remember the last time I slept in like that. I'm going to try to run it tonight. Otherwise I'll have done 10mi out of my 22mi easy week:sad:

    My legs feel a bit achy...
  11. Just saying hi after running 5 miles this afternoon. This fall weather is wonderful!
  12. Tomorrow is my 5K!!! Excited....especially since the weather has been great down here...humidity has been low the last couple of days!
    I'm going to try and push it a little tomorrow and try for a PR. I really want to get my time down....I feel like I'm so slow compared to others. I thought my pace would increase over the last couple months, but it really isn't.
    Maybe it's the weather down here??
  13. Great idea to start a new thread!

    Glad to hear everyone doing well. I ran 3x 5km this week which is my normal routine (I do 2 weight work outs as well on other days) and all 3 felt fantastic. Haven't had a good run for ages and then I got 3/3. I did them all outside instead of on the treadmill which makes a big difference. I even got up at 6am to do one - I am not an early morning person (but both my kids are. Sigh).

    Weird thing about doing such an early morning run was that I had more energy than usual. I usually go to the gym around 9.30am and find by mid-afternoon I am struggling. But on the day I did the really early run, I was fine. Might just be a coincidence but will try it again.
  14. Serayane, Nike Pegasus are excellent mid-range shoes. I would highly recommend them to any runner who has a neutral foot strike. I started with these and have now gone to Vomero Zooms since I run longer distances now and wanted some extra cushioning.

    Louch, that's great....good for you! Sounds like you are getting past that initial tiredness that comes from the runs and the increased energy levels are starting to kick in. yea!
  15. Just back from my 5K!!!! It was a beautiful race, located on a we finished by running along the Atlantic! And I have a new PR for 5K!!!! 34:41.....not fast by any means, but fast for me. I ended up 17/27 for my age group.

    I felt good during the race too....I was just focusing on trying to pass people in front of me and didn't even think of my legs or my breathing. Until the end....yikes, my calves are killing me!!!

    Anyhow...there was also a 10K race and they started 10 minutes after us, and I was getting passed by these super fast people. They were amazing to see!

    Oh, and it was so fun. It was a Race for the Kids and there were all these little guys/gals girl was maybe 4 years old. She was adorable, just running her little heart out!

    In terms of my 10K training. Today was supposed to be my long 4 mile run, but I did a hard race instead. I'll resume the 10K training tomorrow....long run this upcoming week is 4.5 K. Still debating whether to run the 10K right at the end of the 10K training. I really should...just to push myself.