tPF, procrastinator's heaven?

  1. Anyone else have this problem?

    My to do list is a mile long, laundry is spilling out of the hampers, onto the floor...and out of the lauandry room. I really need a mani and pedi. I haven't had breakfast yet and I didn't watch Lost yet (tivo'ed).

    Last night, as I was making my to do list, and looking at my ragged cuticles, I told myself no tPF until the list was finished! Of course, when I woke up, I just wanted to check a few things...just a quick peek I told, here I am at 10:30 in my PJs curled up on the coach, still here....ack! Girls, please scold me if you see me on this board before 2:00! I mean it! I love ya all, but I have to get moving!
  2. Twink, you are not alone!!! There are so many things I could be doing right now... I won't even list them. I often make To-Do Lists for my days off, and many times I will wake up to quick "check" tPF... it ends up being hours and some days I can't even pry myself away. Procrastinators Heaven, yes. But it is so delightful to be here, isn't it?

    BTW, I like the new Avatar. Nice n' girly for spring!
  3. Tell me about it.....

    I get lost on TPF...before you know it, its hours spent and then not enough time for much else in a day....

    I surf freely on the weekdays but on the weekends its my chores and to do lists first to compromise.....:p
  4. oh, yes! i swear, i always have tpf open, whether i'm active and posting or not... i'll go do something, and come back to check on this site. lol
  5. yes totally...i should find something to do here at work...ehhh
  6. Tink..I so do the same thing. I should be working, but I take breaks and guess what I do on my breaks..hang out on TPF. I even have stuff I should be doing at home and I'll be like I just need to check in to see if I've missed anything.
    Then I'll be on here forever!!!!
  7. OMG ... lol .... yeah. I just wanted a quick peek to check my PMs and a couple of threads ... and it's already over an hour again :shame:

    I'm forcing myself to get up now and wash my hair :upsidedown:

    Bye Bye
  8. LOL!!!!!

    this is where i am when i'm trying to avoid doing my hw!
  9. Lol!! Yes! I should be doing about five things right now, but, of course, here I am!:p
  10. I feel your pain! I am almost late to work every day because I am looking around on this forum! It's a good thing my boss doesn't sit near me because I'd be completely busted!
  11. ohh you are not alone.... im lucky im getting my assignments done by some divine intervention or something because I feel like im ALWAYS on tPF!
  12. OMG you should see My ironing pile it is RIDICULOUS but I hate ironing & I love TPF so the pile just gets higher!
  13. Most definitely. It seems I'm always supposed to be doing something else but I find myself on TPF.
  14. First thing I do in the morning and a few posts later. The whole day is gone!
  15. Yuppers! Me too.